In Inbound Marketing, converting leads into new customers is a multi-step process. After putting in place an effective traffic acquisition and lead India Phone Number List strategy , a question quickly arises. How do you convert these leads into customers? Inbound Marketing is then still at the center of this conversion, thanks to various automated marketing strategies .

Understand the customer conversion path
Internet users browse the web in search of precise answers to concrete questions. Being aware of this phenomenon, companies must therefore attract their attention and encourage them to discover their sites and blogs. The content offered there will allow visitors to learn more about their issues and find the beginnings of an answer to their questions, or even more so!

After this first step of information, of discovery, after having precisely identified their problems, visitors will wish to move forward concretely and compare the options available to them to solve them. It is this phase of evaluation which is essential in the transformation of your prospects, and it is at this moment that it is absolutely necessary to convince them thanks to targeted content, thought in relation to their expectations.

Set up a personalized emailing strategy

Your contacts have left a trace of their passage by filling out a contact form, downloading a premium offer … etc. If they were not ready to buy immediately, they nevertheless approached you to become prospects.


Their email addresses can be used to send them offers with relevant and personalized content, which will encourage them to make the purchase . By precisely analyzing the page on which the conversion took place, it is possible to send a tailor-made offer, with targeted solutions, which has a better chance of converting. This strategy can be fully automated. Indeed, with an appropriate emailing software, you have the possibility of programming a series of offers , which can be different according to the page where the action was carried out. Thus, if the prospect identifies himself on the page of your service A, emails related to this service will be sent. If he leaves his contact details on the page of service B, then another offer will be sent to him.

Focus on lead nurturing

If the Internet user has downloaded a white paper on a specific subject, it is for example possible to send him other guides that will supplement the one he already has. Like ebooks and webinars, white papers aim to educate customers and provide relevant answers to their issues . Many marketers also choose custom demos to help the lead make up his mind. They can then follow up with price sheets, case studies or even online consultations . It will then be necessary to think carefully about setting up effective forms to effectively segment your contacts and integrate them into specific workflows., depending on the degree of commercial maturity, the sector of activity …

Encourage subscription on social networks
To keep leads in the wake of your business and send them content that can convince them to become customers, you can also encourage them to subscribe to your social media profiles . For this, there is no secret, you must place your social media activities prominently on your site and blog. In one click, the user should be able to like your Facebook page, follow you on Twitter or add you to their Google+ circles.

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