would be on Zidane’s blacklist. Another star who is also rumored to leave the institution Toni Kroos who is considered as a very possible bargaining chip to hire another star. Meanwhile. the Welsh Gareth Bale. would end his stay at Real Madrid. derived from his poor performances. his disenchantment with the stands and his low performance in general; Other names that will also have to look for new horizons will be Brahim and Mariano. two newly arrived reinforcements who failed to gain a foothold in the starting lineup. In addition to Marcos Llorente. Dani Ceballos as well as Jesús Vallejo who have practically barely set foot on the pitch.

Here there are many players with whom you can make money for the club. because they are all good and there are many clubs that want many Real Madrid players.” the merengue coach told the Iberian press. Importance Ghana Phone Number of brand ambassadors. The lack of connection between what happens on the pitch and in the Bernabéu stands generated a disagreement between those who. in addition to supporting the team from the Spanish capital. are also an important part of the consumption of their product. from jerseys to packets of television in order to watch all the team’s matches.

Shareholders And The Sum Of

Therefore. renewing the stars of a club will also help renew the hopes of the fans as well as the sponsors who also need good seasons to maximize their relationship between the team and the public through their products and services. The two biggest clubs in Argentina by number of fans and income are. without a doubt. Boca Juniors and River Plate. Around both of them. most of the soccer business in the country is mobilized from the sale of tickets. sponsorships. television broadcasts and other marketing actions . That is why it attracts everyone’s attention when doubts arise about the renewal of the contract that unites the sports giant.

Ghana Phone Number

Nike with the club that won the Copa Libertadores de América runner-up. Boca Juniors. Indeed. “the agreement between Xeneize and the pipe brand ends at the end of the year and the leaders are already listening to offers from other companies.” As details and adds: “In recent days. the rumor began to circulate that Boca could change brand for next year. Although nothing has been confirmed yet. it is true that the club heard several offers and the leadership is evaluating what to do about it”. Nike is a historic sponsor of the two-time Argentine club and the most successful international tournament winner.

Its Main Sponsors It Is Very Likely

The company has been present in the blue and gold shirts since 1997 . That is why it generates interest that has not yet been renewed. “The pipe brand has an advantage over the rest: if it matches the highest offer. it retains the power to continue being Boca’s main sponsor.” explains As. Who could replace Nike? The interested brands are several. but there are not too many with great economic power to achieve the objective. Adidas . of course. is the one with the advantage. It is the brand with the largest market share in the country in the sports segment and it already sponsors the other big brand: River Plate.

Although that could work against him. Since it would mean holding two multimillion-dollar contracts. In a country besieged by the current economic crisis. It would not be the first time that both clubs were sponsored by. Adidas: in the late 1980s and early 1980s. The German-born brand dressed both teams at the same time. Likewise. Nike already has the new shirts ready for the second half of 2019. It will be a special edition in homage to the neighborhood of La Boca. Where the mythical Bombonera is located. In Buenos Aires. In Boca there is no fear of making changes in marketing. Last year it changed the sponsor of the shirt. It left the Spanish bank BBVA and incorporated Qatar Airways .

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