According to France WhatsApp Number List VP of Product Management, and Zoubin Ghahramani, Senior Research Director, LaMDA is an architecture that “produces a model that can be trained to read many words (a sentence or a paragraph, for example), to pay attention to how those words relate to each other and then predict the words he thinks come next. ” Lamda was formed on dialogue. If MUM is all about discerning the emotions and intentions of people behind their search queries, LaMDA wants to have a conversation and deliver results based on what users give it to read.LaMDA is only part of Google’s overall strategy.

You can expect larger, more advanced AI models that use conversational queries to find pages and rank them. If you haven’t yet started optimizing your website for voice search, now is the time.During the COVID-19 pandemic, online shopping has become the only option for consumers. Unsurprisingly, Shopify’s financial results have exceeded expectations, as has Amazon .Until now, Google’s online shopping capabilities have not been very strong. Its Shopping search engine had been around for a long time but had never become as popular as Shopify or Amazon. Today, Google finally seems to want to move up a gear.First, the Mountain View firm announced in 2021 the launch of the Shopping Graph . Here’s how Google defines it:

Connected loyalty programs

“A dynamic, AI-enhanced model that includes a set of products, sellers, brands, reviews, and most importantly, product information and inventory data that we receive directly from brands and retailers. as well as how these attributes relate to each other. “According to Bill Ready, president of Commerce and Payments, the Shopping Graph “works in real time so people can discover and buy products that are available right now.Google has also partnered with Shopify, allowing its 1.7 million merchants to showcase their products in the Google ecosystem, resulting in a 70% increase in product catalog size and an increase of 80%. % of merchants on the Google platform.


Google also introduced a new feature in Chrome mobile that shows your open carts every time you open a new tab.In addition, Google will allow brands to link their loyalty programs to their users’ accounts. Thanks to this new feature, brands will be able to reward their most loyal users through the Google ecosystem.In July, Matt Madrigal, VP / GM of Merchant Shopping, explained that they had seen a 50% increase in searches for the keyword “discount code”. So Google has launched a new feature for its Shopping tab, which showcases the latest offers from retailers for shopping-related keywords (eg “backpacks”).

Google Shopping promotions tab

Google Search will also highlight the most popular Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday deals . Search queries such as “black friday deals” or “cyber monday sales” will bring up a new section with relevant alongside other sales information.In August 2021, Google began testing a carousel of “cheap products” on mobile searches with the query “cheap”.All these new features suggest that the battle for marketplaces between Amazon and Google will rage in the coming years.Passage Ranking: what if you position an excerpt rather than an entire page?

Since search engines have existed, the most sought after goal of any SEO expert is to rank their page number one for any search query. In recent times, it has become more difficult to achieve this feat due to Position 0 and the growing number of clips vying for first place.In this sense, Google has changed its way of classifying the content of sites by announcing the creation of the Passage Ranking which allows a page to be classified for a specific passage rather than for the entire page. In February 2021, the Passage Ranking entered into force.Google said its algorithm would look at some of the “strongest signals about a page.

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