The implementation of a digital strategy inevitably involves the management of its e-reputation . A guarantee of quality, the image you give to your Gambia Email List is an essential point in your customers’ purchasing decision. Who has never “Googled” a service provider or a company from which they were about to make a purchase?

It’s okay to check what people think about your business before deciding. The Internet today offers multiple means of verifying the reliability of a product, a brand or a person. You can be sure that your prospects are checking yours out. You are going to tell me that nothing bad is lying around you on the web, it may be true. But do you have any positive elements which guarantee your expertise, which show your reliability? If not, not finding anything on you can also be detrimental to you to another extent.

You must be found on the net! You must have disseminated clues that prove your professionalism and that show that you are THE ideal person for the job sought. To help you boost your online reputation , here are some tips to implement, whether you are a business looking for clients or a worker looking for the ideal job:

Be present on social networks

The social networks are an effective way to manage your online reputation . Thanks to them, you can share your daily watch and show that you stay informed of developments in your sector. You also have the opportunity to exchange with other users and demonstrate your expertise through debates . Social networks help you humanize your brand and let some aspects of your personality filter through. It takes your brand out of the usual corporate branding and allows your target to feel closer to you. You can easily build your audience on Twitter , Google + , Facebook or Linkedin and thus remain in sight of targeted contacts.

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Be careful, however, if the whole point of social networks is to offer a part of you in public, it can backfire if you are clumsy or if you fail to moderate your words … With these different changes based on Mat Honan’s experience, it is again the community managers who will be pulling their hair out! In recent months, Facebook has continued to evolve its algorithm to personalize its users’ news feeds as much as possible and return to its social aspect by lowering the reach of pages (except of course for those that pay).

Create your digital CV

Exit the CV to be transmitted in paper or PDF format, long live the digital, dynamic and intuitive CV ! You benefit from several solutions to talk about your background, demonstrate your experiences and justify your diplomas. More aesthetic and complete than the traditional CV, the digital version can be a one-page website, hosted under your own domain name such as .

You also have many platforms allowing you to create it online, in a personalized and free way, in a few clicks. We can cite, for example, DoYouBuzz , or CVwanted . The professional social networks like Viadeo or LinkedIn are essentially based on the creation and distribution of digital CV. Your profile is a collection of your experiences and skills, supplemented with references and recommendations.

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