It is proven that a content marketing strategy works for companies to. Increase web traffic with a higher return on investment. But no matter how good your posts are, if you don’t have a plan to distribute them they won’t be relevant on their own. Content amplification helps seo. A strategy not only entails the creation of relevant content. But you must also define the distribution channels through which you will amplify it. Once you define the ways in which you will share your content. You will achieve very good results in your defined metrics. What are the most used channels for content distribution? Let’s know the 4 most used channels and some tips to take advantage of them

Native advertising: the king of content distribution if you want to delve into this concept. We recommend that you enter and read the following article that explains what native advertising is . This is perhaps the most effective format for promoting content. These formats are the ones you often see Argentina phone number at the end of media articles as footnotes. The key to native advertising is that you never perceive that it is advertising and see it as a suggestion of editorial content. Ebook-content-formats content distribution as an essential part of your strategy example of .

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Social networks it is appropriate to set the format of the content in the appropriate network. That is, a video can be uploaded on youtube, vimeo, facebook and instagram if it lasts less than 1 minute. A blog article can be shared on twitter and linkedin just like an infographic . To keep in mind: social networks are an increasingly important tool to achieve greater roi in content marketing (return on marketing investment). It is important that your brand always appears very human with its content. You must avoid at all costs pretending a direct sale with the contents.

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Remember that a good content marketing strategy must start from a fundamental premise. The content must be 100% educational and 0% advertising. Keep in mind that there are about 14 social networks to distribute content. 3. Email marketing: a fundamental tool for content distribution according to data from internet live stats, more than 2 million emails are sent in the world every second and it is also the channel that generates the most conversions.

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With a tool like mailchimp you can automate your content to your own database of potential customers. Note: with an email marketing tool you can also take the opportunity to send a newsletter or news ( newsletters ) to your current database. We recommend that you send a maximum of two newsletters per week so as not to appear intrusive. 4. Blogging do you still have doubts about the importance of content distribution ? It is clear that the content does not position itself in the short term, perhaps in the long term it can work well, as long as the content is optimized for seo .

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