If you are on the Ecuador WhatsApp Number List of the brand in question and you have an e-commerce, this method of research may be relevant to exploit.To make product images appear in visual search, here are some recommendations you can apply:Make sure to include descriptions in the alt attribute for each image you are using .Mention your main keywords in the image titlesMake sure all your images have been compressed as much as possible and that they are in a good formatMake sure to tag your images with Schema Structured Data TagsEvery image of your product must be in high definitionWe all know Amazon where you can buy just about any kind of product.

Naturally, this prompts people to go there when they want to make a purchase, rather than going to Google.This makes Amazon Google’s front-end competitor and the leading search engine for product search. In addition, Amazon places customer reviews and purchase data at the heart of its algorithm to prevent people from needing to do more than one search and be happy with their acquisition.In 2022, the choice to prioritize your e-commerce strategy between Amazon and Google must arise . In order to make this choice, you will need to ask yourself the right questions and analyze the fierceness of the competition in relation to your industry.

Amazon leader in product research

When you turn on your phone, what’s the first app you open? It’s probably not Google. Chances are, it’s Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Youtube or some other social network.Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world . Of course, Youtube is first and foremost a way to share videos, but it has become a mine of useful information and informative content aimed at helping internet users. In addition, as explained in this article, Google does not hesitate to favor the display of YouTube videos in its results when it judges that they best meet the user’s expectations. So do not hesitate to publish video content and optimize their referencing for YouTube .


Nowadays, the benefits of using TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks like Reddit to support your SEO strategy are numerous. If you don’t, it’s like you are intentionally putting yourself in the crossroads of your competition .Here we are. There are probably other trends missing that you are free to comment on The main thing to remember, like Google and Amazon, customer satisfaction should be at the heart of your SEO and digital marketing strategy as a whole . However, this expectation of the user can be fulfilled in several ways. Therefore, you will need to analyze the SERPs in order to identify which types of content are best positioned by Google according to the submitted query.

Highlighting the most interesting offers

Sometimes a video will be favored in organic results because its format will better respond to the information sought. In other situations, it can be the prices of your products which could be considered by the search engine, for queries related to “cheap”, “discount” etc … Forget the textual content stuffed with no words. no longer finish. First and foremost, think about what the Internet user expects when looking for information. Another pillar to place at the heart of your strategy, the EAT triptych. Show yourself on the web and highlight your expertise by posting high quality content. At the same time, be sure to communicate on social networks and platforms where communities are active.

Do not forget to acquire backlinks to increase your PageRank, synonymous with authority for Google. Finally, in order to be considered reliable, be as transparent as possible on your site: secure it, display author biographies, allow your visitors to get in touch with you, have legal notices… in short, Reassure.We hope that all of this information will help you improve your SEO action plan for 2022 and the years to come.Passage Ranking will affect 7% of search queries in all languages ​​when the algorithm is fully deployed globallyAs of yet, there isn’t a lot of information regarding the best ways to rank for a specific passage.

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