They will not change this club for any other in the world. ”says the off-screen text that accompanies the images. It is common knowledge that soccer is one of the most profitable businesses in the world of sports. its level of popularity. deep engagement with the fans and the volume of marketing that revolves around it. place it as a millionaire industry. For decades – as in most sports – it was thought that only men’s soccer was attractive to fans and advertisers. However. this has changed in recent years in which both leagues and international competitions are attracting attention. The FIFA Women’s World Cup.

France 2019 was inaugurated on Friday . an event that is destined to confirm this thesis: it is the opportunity that brands are taking advantage of and a Kazakhstan Phone Number call for those who are missing out to join in. spots and campaigns We are talking about the eighth edition of the Women’s World Cup. which had its inaugural game on Friday. June 7. in which the host France beat its similar South Korea 4-0 . in a match played at the mythical Parque stadium . of the Princes. home of PSG and Neymar. Like the men’s FIFA World Cup. this tournament is the pinnacle of women’s soccer at the national team level and. for some years now.

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it has become relevant both for the fans and for the brands. To give us an idea. the 2015 World Cup final. played in Canada and in which the United States won the title after beating Japan 5-2. managed to position itself as the game with the highest audience in the US. with 25.4 million viewers. viewers on the Fox network. which added to the 1.3 million broadcast in Spanish on the Telemundo network. placed it as a new record for a soccer game. whether for men or women. Yes. in the American Union they are powerful and it is a sport that draws masses to the stadiums. but this is something that is seen a lot in other countries such as Sweden. Germany. China. Japan or the United Kingdom.

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where even brands such as Disney and Coca -Cola have had significant activity with campaigns focused on women’s soccer. This has been made clear for the Women’s World Cup France 2019. because before the tournament started both FIFA and several brands have joined: Nike. Visa. Qatar Airlines. Gatorade. Twitter. among others. All wanting to take advantage of the time that women’s soccer awakens. according to figures released by Tubular. of the more than 850 videos with this theme published in recent weeks. accumulate more than 72 million views. altogether. In fact. according to the video measurement company. this is just a symptom of what the Women’s.

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World Cup in France could awaken in the public. since it estimates that it will reach a billion viewers. and with it exceed 750 million. recorded in the 2015 edition. played in Canada.  More than US $ 7.300 million add up to the income achieved by the four divisions of English football in the 2017/2018 season. with the Premier League in the lead. This is a more than interesting amount and places the creators of the sport in first place in Europe. According to Deloitte Sports Business Group ‘s annual review of finances . Premier League club revenue increased by up to $6 billion. a 6% increase from the previous season.

This was fueled by the growth in revenue distribution to. English clubs by UEFA. as five teams competed in the. Champions League which saw. Liverpool reach the final with Real Madrid . For this season. with the same Liverpool and Tottenham in the final that will be played this Saturday. June 1. plus the presence of Chelsea and Arsenal in the Europa. League final (the club that Roman Abramovich belongs to won 4-1 the owner). the income will surely be higher. Together. the top five European leagues (England. Spain. Germany. Italy and France) generated a record $17.4 billion in revenue in. a 6% increase from the previous year. According to the report.

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