we refer to the NFL game in Mexico . After three years on trial. the respectable behavior as well as the imposing Santa Úrsula building had been enough for the first time in the history of professional American football in the United States. a Monday night game to come out of that territory. However. the terrible conditions of the pitch. which it was decided to change in the middle of last year for a new generation one. which did not have enough time to rest for it to settle; and it is that the move from Cruz Azul to Azteca led to the fact that every eight days the grass was subject to wear and tear that means a first division match.

Not only that. but the performance of a concert by one of Televisa’s radio stations days before the NFL match between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Los Angeles Chargers. who just at that moment were going through their Georgia Phone Number best competitive level. would be the straw that spilled the camel’s back for the making of the show. The NFL came to Mexico and did not take long to make the decision that affected not only the American fans in the country. their sponsors or the teams involved and media from the neighboring country to the north. who lost a lot of money in logistical expenses that they did not they took place.

The Fact Would Not Be Minor

Rather. they impacted the Mexican brand. which in sports matters had established itself as one of the best countries for holding this type of event. both due to the continuous recognition of Formula One. and even due to the arrival of more first-order disciplines such as is the MLB. This is how this Wednesday it was announced that that pending match of 2018 will be played on Aztec land next Monday. November 18. One of the factors that struck the fans against Televisa at that time was that the game. held in Los Angeles. recorded one of the highest scores for a Monday Night game. cold numbers.

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Beyond the anger of the population. That cancellation led to losses of around 990 million pesos. In addition to the fact that 2.000 temporary jobs were not created. This is without counting the resources that were lost by the sponsors in Mexico of the event. which. although they supported the NFL and its decision. had to absorb the costs of the promotions. Therefore. it is a new opportunity to guarantee high-quality sports events to. Mexican fans. The current political environment has in check the realization of the Grand Prix of Mexico . In such a way that losing this opportunity would mean. Taking a step back in the consolidation of the country’s brand.

Considering That This Would Impact

Which is made up of multiple factors. one of them. the sport. This Tuesday one of the most surprising defeats took place in the quarterfinals of the. Champions League after Ajax eliminated Juventus from Turin . A team that opted for Cristiano Ronaldo to conquer the orejona after more than 20 years of drought. It would be precisely against. Ajax when the Italian team won its last Champions League (1996). from the penalty spot. Where the then- vecchia Signora goalkeeper . Angelo Peruzzi was the hero by stopping two of the four penalties taken. .

However. this Tuesday’s game saw a Juventus unable to recover from the Dutch somersault; which is why it not only meant defeat on the field of play. But also a series of external factors became relevant. staunch rival. While the defeat in Turin was taking place. CR7’s staunch rival scored two goals to guide Barcelona to victory; This immediately brought the eternal comparison between these two players to the conversation on social networks. Multimillion dollar investment. The cost of paying for the services of the Portuguese meant. Among other things reducing the resources allocated to other items. Such as supposedly. the wages for jobs at the assembly plant in Italy.

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