Check your connection and the functionality of your equipment: Having a good internet connection and functional equipment is very important. therefore. we advise you to test the camera. microphone and computer in advance. so you will not lose connectivity and you will prevent the image from being blurred or the audio from being transmitted in an ideal way. Enter the interview a few minutes before: Punctuality is key. therefore. we recommend connecting to the meeting about 10 or 15 minutes before. This quality is synonymous with courtesy.

Education and respect. in addition. you will demonstrate your order. efficiency. and you will transmit confidence to your recruiters. Set an alarm and schedule Argentina Phone Number the date and time of the appointment. it’s not okay to be late! Update video conferencing programs: Many people use Zoom to connect with their work teams. however. in some companies tools such as Teams. Skype. among others. are used. Therefore. if your interview will be conducted through an app that you do not use. download it in time! Thus. you will avoid delays when entering the virtual meeting.

Appear Inside The Arena And

Choose a suitable place for the interview. The best space to conduct an online interview should be tidy. Well lit and without noise that could interrupt the session. Remember that during the meeting you must keep your focus on your interlocutor. in addition. we advise you to choose a suitable background and without distracting elements. Take care of verbal and non-verbal communication: Another point to take into account is the way in which we communicate with the recruiter and the other applicants.

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likewise. we must take care of the gestures we make in front of cameras. We also advise you to dress discreetly and professionally. be friendly. smile and show enthusiasm for learning. Research the company you are applying to: Before the interview. it is important that you research all the relevant and necessary information about the company. thus. you will show the recruiters your interest in working for it and you will make a great impression. You can investigate on their website. social networks. blogs.

Share In The Excitement Of The Game

Among other platforms. Conclude the interview well: At the end of the virtual meeting with your recruiters. It was time to say goodbye to them and the other applicants. It is important that you thank the team for the opportunity provided. For example. when they will provide the results.  Digital transformation is a process that consists of integrating technology into all key aspects of the business. This requires a series of changes in different areas such as technology. culture. operations. etc.

According to Vidal (2020). today it is necessary for organizations to join. Digital platforms and understand that customers need to be the center of the value chain. This process requires essential elements that help. for example. to evaluate the business model and human capital. According to Reynolds (2018). these components are the following: culture and teamwork. Knowledge transfer. capacity and competence. decision making. Workforce. leadership change. business process management. Agility and process improvement. and measures and KPIs.

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