You can see this in this article from the firm iprospect. If the cpc grows at this rate then what can be done? What alternative do brands have when their digital marketing budgets are limited? Just one! Content marketing or content marketing. It is clear that this new technique has seo as its axis . It is not developing content for developing it. Each piece must be developed with the necessary seo techniques. Do not forget that unlike conventional media, a piece of content that is developed digitally becomes a true asset for the brand.

What does it mean that a piece becomes an asset for the brand? That if the piece is detected by search engines, and placed in a good position, it will never stop receiving organic traffic (not paid). What happens instead if you stop your adwords campaigns ? Traffic drops automatically. What is the balance between Ghana phone number sem and seo? I don’t think it’s about doing one or the other. I think you have to find a balance. To achieve this, the equation is very simple: create valuable content for those keywords whose cpc goes up like foam. Try to make the cost of a visitor per content cheaper than with adwords.

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But the same thing happens on mobile with seo and sem … if you look at the graph below, the answer is yes. Is sem more effective than seo organic ctr vs mobile payment while on desktop the organic click rate is 62% , on mobile it is 41%. Likewise, on desktops the adwords ctr is 2.8%, on mobiles it is 2%. This clearly shows you that the content is what consumers are looking for when they enter google. The credibility that organic responses have is really superior.

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So check out the chart below. 90% of the investment is made where 2% of the clicks are (adwords) and 10% of the investment is made where 60% of the clicks are (content) is sem more effective than seo ctr and organic investment vs paid on desktop do not continue to doubt the effectiveness of content marketing after seeing this, and start building your strategy. Sem is important , but seo is fundamental now at wearecontent we have more than 3,000 content providers classified by specialty and level of experience that will work for you. Now we can deliver our content optimized for seo if you require it.

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If you want to do a test, go to this link right now where we will give you 2 test texts so you can get to know us. Do it right now!It is incredible how the internet has transformed our lifestyle and the way we consume information, for this reason it is important that you know the types of blogs that exist. Both people and brands have found the best way to express themselves freely and share interesting and relevant information. Blogs , also called web logs, in addition to sharing information, allow their readers to include their own opinions, creating a relationship between brands and readers around a specific topic.

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