In the case of soccer. for the World Cups and continental cups. in all the countries that have participating teams. the brands take the opportunity to try to offer their articles. At the 2014 Brazil World Cup. for example. an Argentine appliance chain (Saturno Hogar) launched the “Inches” promotion. There it was offered: “Take an LED television and. If Argentina wins. you take another one. free.” said the advertisement . The Class of 2014 that almost went horribly wrong. The promotion was launched when things were not going well for Lionel Messi’s team. In fact. he was close to being left out. However. unexpectedly.

Argentina was about to win the championship: they lost the final (0-1) against Germany and. for the good of the brand’s finances. Saturno Hogar did not Ivory Coast Phone Number have to give away thousands of televisions. America Cup On this occasion. on the occasion of the Copa América Brasil 2019. a Brazilian home appliance store (Pontofrio) presented a controversial promo: it promises to give away 500 reais (about US$130) if Argentina is runner-up. The promotion is clearly a mockery. since the albiceleste team was second in the last two editions of the tournament. in 2015 and 2016. and is not at all satisfied with that result.

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With the hashtag Vice De Novo (runner-up again). advertising is all the rage on social networks. The promised benefit is as follows: if a customer buys a TV and Argentina comes back in second place. they will receive a bonus (or voucher) for 500 reais as a gift to use on another purchase in Pontofrio. “Social networks exploded with comments from Argentines and Brazilians. The publicity move also seeks to generate interest among the local supporters themselves. who were not very happy with the 3-0 debut The International Olympic Committee (IOC). organizer of the Olympic Games. has signed a record sponsorship deal with.

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It is one of the biggest corporate sports deals in history.” says the Financial Times . The agreement was signed on Monday between the IOC. The American beverage manufacturer and the Chinese dairy group for the joint sponsorship of the events. Between 2021 and 2032. A period that includes six games: three in the summer and three in the winter. The deal helps secure the financial future of the world’s biggest sporting event for the next decade. And represents an exciting display of cooperation between major. US and Chinese companies amid trade tensions between the two superpowers. That’s right.

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Two of the biggest brands of their respective countries agree in an associated way a contract with the IOC.  Olympics for over a century and has used the games as. A platform to offer its products globally. What is unprecedented is that the beverage giant has accepted an agreement with another brand. In this case Mengniu. the second largest dairy producer in Asia. To share the position as. The official partner of non-alcoholic “beverages” in the games.

Coca-Cola saw the opportunity to expand the “beverages” segment towards a much healthier aspect . such as dairy products. This. in an environment of change in consumer tastes towards proposals more linked to health and well-being. According to James Quincey . president and CEO of Coca-Cola. ” marketing plans will be individual” regarding the relationship with the. Chinese company while Donald Trump and Xi Jinping. Coca-Cola and Mengniu Dairy worth a combined $3 billion.

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