Writing texts is a very complex and complicated task, especially if you prefer to work as efficiently as possible. After all, it is not easy to produce texts that meet all requirements on the assembly line. Nowadays, more and more work is done by artificial intelligence and the collaboration between a human and a robot copywriter is not that crazy. The difference: texts written by people often have a personal touch that bots cannot (yet) copy. Still, there are a lot of benefits to partnering with AI that I’d like to tell you. In this article you will find out which AI tools are best to use, so that you stay one step ahead of the robot.

What do you think of this intro? Fun fact, I wrote that in collaboration with the Writesonic tool. If you want to know more about these kinds of useful AI tools, read on.

Collaborating with a robot copywriter

All kinds of programs have been developed that make your work as a copywriter increasingly easier. But which tool do you use for this and how do you start? I have studied various tools, so that you can immediately Design Directors Managers Email Lists get started with AI. Fortunately , there is no need to compete with a robot . But you can rest assured that you will soon be working with a robot.

The content generators currently on the market are based on GPT-3. GPT-3 is a language model that generates texts based on AI, where it is not much different from a text written by a human. All you have to do is provide a small piece of context.

Design Directors Managers Email Lists

AI Writer AI tools tested

In addition to the AI ​​tools where you have to enter your payment details directly, there are also free tools or tools with a free trial version so that you can experience what it is like to work with a content generator. AI Writer is a tool where you can try a free trial. This trial version is valid for 7 days and you have a limited number of credits.

AI Writer is primarily a fast tool for writing a text. For example, with AI Writer I can only type in the title of my future piece and the tool generates a complete article within 3 minutes. Unfortunately not in Dutch, but enough information to use as research for my text. The article has been compiled from various sources and you can easily mark which sentences have not yet been rewritten from the original source. You can then use the text rewording function to have (part of) the article rewritten by the tool.

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