Since the advent of SEO, techniques Peru Email List evolved a lot. SEO is no longer just a submission of relevant external links and a listing of strategic keywords, it is now part of a real content marketing strategy. SEO and Content Marketing should no longer be worked in silos but should be worked together in order to maximize results. The different SEO techniques (optimization of internal pages, internal linking, semantic cocoon, etc.) will make it possible to propel your digital content in the first results of Google. Also keep in mind that this content must be appreciated by visitors as well as by search engines. This is what any SEO agency should offer these clients.

Sharing quality information is the very essence of Content Marketing. Your audience will benefit from all the information they are looking for and will identify your company as an expert in its field. It is this expertise that will trigger the purchase of your products or services. But how do you make this content visible on search engine results pages? Whether you manage your SEM campaigns alone or entrust their management to an Adwords agency , a lot of time can be spent on bidding optimization. The whole point of marketing automation is to maximize the results of your advertising campaigns by automatically managing your bids.

Paid Search & Automatisation

Allowing the algorithm to work on these time-consuming tasks means giving yourself time to focus on the elements of optimizing your campaigns that create more value for your business. Social Media advertising is experiencing an unprecedented boom and allows very fine targeting of the targeted audience. In particular, you can identify and target your audience based on a number of socio-demographic and geographic factors (age, gender, region, etc.). But social media advertising goes even further. Do you want to acquire new customers? You can now target the audience of your competitors or target an audience who have areas of interest that are related to your activity.


It is the digital lever that will experience the strongest growth in 2019. With more than 27,000,000 million visits each month in France, Amazon dominates the number one place for e-commerce sites. Selling your products on Amazon is therefore ensuring you maximize your digital visibility. However, in order to grow the sales of your products to buyers on Amazon, you need to make sure that your products are visible to anyone who searches through the search engine. As with any classic search engine such as Google, improving its visibility therefore requires Amazon SEO work . You have now become aware of the many advantages that Similar Audiences offer .

Social Ads & Audiences

Want to maximize sales on your site? Retarget visitors who have viewed your site’s product pages. Do you want to increase your email base? Set up Facebook lead ads and make it easier for you to acquire leads. Well mastered, advertising on social networks is a powerful tool for any company wishing to increase its digital notoriety and develop its growth. However, like any marketing tool, the power of this functionality is closely linked to its constant optimization . Agence 90 provides its SEA services for setting up your remarketing and Similar Audiences lists as well as the optimization of these lists. Among the optimizations of Similar Audiences that we make available during our SEA support:

The German skin care brand proves how effective brand consistency and choice of the right colors are for your marketing strategy: The typical Nivea blue was established in 1925 and stands for the brand’s values: Trust, closeness and care. Today the entire global design of Nivea is oriented on its blue brand identity, which offers very high recognition value, according to the brand. Nivea also gives a great example in how to create emotional storytelling around your products: Their campaign “human touch” wants to point out the importance of human skin(!) touch in everyday life. One of their commercials tells the story of a twin girl who survived thanks to her sister touching her. An ad which goes straight to the heart!

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