Seo and content marketing: 12 important tips the following are some of the factors that moz takes into account to measure ad (gómez, 2019) social media loading time number of links and domains pointing to your website quality of these domains loading time. How to get a high domain authority for your portal or blog? We will indicate the keys for you to achieve it and what you should avoid. Strategies to improve your domain authority the goal is to achieve the first positions in the search engines. For this we will work on the following strategies: link building link building or link building is one of the best seo strategies to increase moz domain authority. Build dofollow links, which are those that go to other websites.

By default, all links are dofollow, although you can edit them to be nofollow and not tracked by google. There are several link building strategies that will help you get dofollow links (aranda, 2018; ortiz, 2021): to make a base of link building insert links in comments and forums. Quality content: by writing original Israel phone number content you will have a greater chance that other websites will link to you. Remember that if another website with a high da (80-100) has links to your portal, google will value it positively. Buying links: buying quality backlinks is another option. Explore in newspapers or web portals with high domain authority.

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If you have a good budget, this strategy will help you. Guest posting networking in today’s world is paramount. Having a network of contacts to collaborate with and, in return, get links is a strategy that will help you improve moz domain authority. To do guest posting, it is best to investigate other blogs that have high domain authority. Send emails and start creating a collaborative network. With this you will be able to get quality backlinks and increase traffic to your website (redacción, 2019). Create internal links internal links on your web portal or blog will improve moz domain authority .

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These are important to google, as they demonstrate the consistency of content within your site. In addition, you provide a good user experience because you can explore more quality content in other old posts (gómez, 2019). Check the internal links of your portal carrying out a periodic review of both internal and external links is necessary in order not to lose domain authority. This is useful because some portals can disappear over time.

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Detect broken links on your page, so you can avoid 404 errors. Regarding external links, you can detect suspicious links with the search console tool and deindex them so as not to lose da (gómez, 2019; redacción, 2019). Improve positioning with social networks one of the basic strategies to increase moz domain authority is through social media. That is why you need to have a social media plan. What actions do we recommend? (drafting, 2019): create visible buttons for the different social networks on your web portal so that your customers can share the content.

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