Every day, more than 2 million blog posts are published on the web … That’s enough content to fill TIME Magazine for 770 years! The explosion of new USA WhatsApp Number List and distribution channels have made each of us potential journalists. Sharing a story with the whole world has become a disconcerting banality today …

At the corporate level too, everyone can now free themselves from the yoke of traditional communication spaces (print, TV, radio, etc.) to regain full control over the production and distribution of their content. Thanks to corporate blogs and social media in particular, each brand can now become its own medium. Unfortunately, in a hyper-saturated market, it is increasingly difficult to stand out thanks to its content and engage its readers (I had already given some answers in a previous article ).

Storytelling, a key element of customer engagement

Human beings have always been captivated by well-told stories. And today, when an Internet user surfs the internet and stops on content published by a company X or Y, he does not expect to read a self-promotional and corporate message that will tell him how great the products are. and that we must “absolutely not let this unique time-limited offer pass”. No, what he’s looking for above all else is to be told a story. Your story.

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Every business has a story to tell. Using storytelling in your digital strategy ensures that the reader will remember you and your values. It is your stories, authentic and exciting, that will bond between you and your customers and build your brand.

The advantages of storytelling

It helps to develop a real identity and a clear positioning ;
It solicits emotion more than reason and facilitates the retention of information ; It attracts the attention of the consumer and significantly increases the reading rate ; It makes it easier to assimilate statistics, “hard facts” and study reports; It establishes a real connection between the reader and the brand and reinforces “ Brand loyalty ”. La structure narrative.

Telling a story requires the meeting of certain ingredients that will allow the story to unfold in a coherent and intelligible way: 1. The initial situation : setting up of the actors and the environment
2. The conflict / the disturbing element : The problem which will upset the rest of the story. 3. The course : series of actions undertaken by the actors in reaction to the triggering element
4. Resolution : Put an end to the actions by giving a solution to the problem. 5. Final situation : End of the story, the situation regains its point of equilibrium


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