Another well-known Austria WhatsApp Number List intelligence tool is the one that generates texts from computer data , which is used to produce business intelligence summaries and is also used by many customer services.The new generation of this AI tool goes further, in particular by writing press articles, but also now encyclopedic pages whose language test results are increasingly satisfactory. In terms of text generation, the main new goal for AI is to produce content based on the browsing characteristics of a user , which among other things greatly shakes things up in the SEO field .

Currently used to make mobile applications, interactive systems of recognition, voice search and touch more efficient, but also to facilitate market research, the voice recognition or biometric allows direct and instinctive interaction between machine and human.More advanced in speech recognition, NLP (Automatic Natural Language Processing) allows him to process different aspects of human language by taking much more of its subtleties into account.Used to predict, prevent and influence events in order to be able to optimize a strategy in a timely manner, machine learning platforms are increasingly used by companies. By taking into account tons of data, this AI tool perceives and understands a level almost equivalent to that of humans.

Machine learning platforms

An ascent of artificial intelligence on the web which is not about to stop, especially in France where web giants, Google, Facebook, but also Samsung and Fujitsu have announced their investment in research for AI and in the training of several thousand people in these new tools.As you have noticed or read in the previous article, the design of the anthedesign blog has changed and new features have appeared!The anthedesign blog was not responsive, so this is the main motivation for a redesign with a Responsive Webdesign. This will allow you to follow us from any type of device (smartphone, tablet, computer…)


If you don’t know what Responsive Design is, I invite you to read two articles from our blog .In this article, we’ll take a look at the new features of the anthedesign blog, to help you get the most out of our tool!This function will allow you to integrate a sidebar to the right or left of the main content of one or more pages. It allows you to display what are called “widgets” or modules! In our case, our sidebar allows us to integrate the newsletter registration form, filter the articles by categories, see the contributors and contact us to become a contributor.As a Web & Print agency , AntheDesign had to make its blog Responsive since we are talking about it in two articles! But you should know that this technology has several advantages and disadvantages.

Why should your website be Responsive?

Advantages: the advantages of Responsive design are numerous. Indeed, there are more and more sales of smartphones and tablets. This technique therefore offers portability of your site on all types of screens and therefore resolutions by using a single design that will automatically adapt to your device. In our case, the blog has the same theme for all versions and uses Css 3 technology, ie ”Media Responsive design also allows you to choose which elements you want to display to the visitor in relation to the type of device recognized by the site, for example, on the smartphone version of our blog the sidebar is not displayed so as not to overload the design.

In addition, this technology does not affect the SEO of the blog in any way, and it is the assurance of a unique URL! Disadvantages Although Responsive design has many advantages, it also has disadvantages. The first of them is the compatibility of the images in the articles, that is to say that the default images will be distorted on the versions dedicated to mobile devices. It is therefore necessary to provide for the resizing of all the images.In addition, you must also plan the placement of titles and text content of articles, and the font size, for example a title (<h1>) with a value of 32px will be much too large on a smartphone screen, it is also necessary to provide a greater spacing between the lines to avoid that the blocks of text are too tight.

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