It gives the organization a more modern and humanized vision that attracts customers from the digital world. It deepens the analysis of data from all areas of the company. which helps make decisions based on information and predictive analytics. Improve customer acquisition. conversion and loyalty. Identifies new business models that diversify the company and helps create new products or services that meet customer expectations. The internal public of the company acquires a culture of innovation. Collaborators enhance their empowerment and their corporate identity.

It promotes improvements in the internal processes of the value chain. as well as in the structure and organization of the company. Improve the customer Algeria Phone Number experience by creating new ways to be in contact with him and achieve his interaction with the brand. In short. with the help of digital transformation. companies become more competitive. generate better and higher revenues. and increase their operational efficiency. In addition. it allows corporations to automate processes.

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Improve their internal communication. analyze data and results. innovate in all their areas. respond quickly in a changing environment and venture into new business opportunities.  Excel is a spreadsheet-type program that is very useful for carrying out organizational. programming. financial. and accounting tasks and activities. This software was developed by Microsoft and is distinguished from Word or Power Point because it allows users to work with numerical figures. Through Excel. we can create graphs. tables and analyze information with basic and advanced tools.

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This program allows you to perform. from simple sums. to calculations of mortgage loans. Also. other of its functions are the following: store data. analyze and generate reports. create graphs. perform searches through filters. solve mathematical formulas. retrieve data and spreadsheets. create budgets. manage expenses and other software tasks. What are the most common uses of Excel in daily life? According to Marín and Zapata (2017). this program is applied in the following areas.

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Labor: All companies have the need to use the Excel program. Because thanks to it. different accounting processes of the organization are carried out. This software is the best tool to easily and quickly prepare invoices. balance sheets. payroll. budgets. databases. pivot tables. macros. etc. In addition. it is a resource that allows planning. analyzing. controlling and evaluating the impacts that making an economic decision can produce. Educational: Excel is a program that facilitates the work of teachers. who can organize data. perform statistics.

Create lists with student data. keep track of grades and average them. Perform basic mathematical and statistical calculations. among other tasks. In addition. it is a useful tool for students. Who use it to present their work and projects with statistical tables. Formats. forms. graphics. etc. Health: Health sciences professionals also use Excel to store data. Analyze patient and medication statistics. Schedule internal and external consultations. carry out inventories of supplies. Prepare reports and medical files. manage administrative control and analyze statistics on problems. Of health. Some of the most common application areas are

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