The brand has developed a strategy that has worked for it for years. adding a powerful entertainment influencer at halftime. It was during 1993 when Michael Jackson modified the mythical moment as an ideal space for sponsors. Google is the most popular search engine in the world. but its power is not limited to the millions of daily searches. but it can also be more effective than an official identification. at least this was demonstrated by a soccer player. who had to google himself to be allowed move on to play at Inter’s stadium. His name is Marcus Thuram and he is a Borussia Mönchengladbach player .

But for the agent at the entrance to the stadium he was a simple person who needed ID to Spain Phone Number get through. The security measures in the venues are strict and it is for the good of the footballers. teams and staff. so to respect the norm. the authorities at the entrance to the sports venue asked him if he had identification. but what he came up with it was unheard of. He turned to his mobile phone and showed the search for his name. starring in an unlikely anecdote in the run-up to the.

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Champions League match that his team will play against Inter.  The French winger. on the way to the Giuseppe Meazza access entrance. had to pass the corresponding identification control. but the security agent did not expect that when asking the footballer for his documentation to facilitate his entry to the venue. Thuram. instead to show a document signed by his club. he had to google and show an image of him with the respective description of his biography. Borussia Mönchengladbach will debut in the Champions League in group B. paired with Inter Milan.

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Real Madrid and Shakhtar Donetsk. but not even being part of such an important club makes the player escape identification. but when he googled he showed the power of Google. We recommend: This is the area where there will be more job opportunities in the future. according to a study Canal Once will punish the person responsible for the video of the viral marriage proposal Amazon pays its users for sharing their tickets The Google search engine emerged in the United States in 1997 and today it is the most important in its segment. with more than 3.600 million queries in the world.

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It’s the king of search engines and online advertising. Which is why Google Search was by far the company’s. Top earning segment. according to Alphabet data projected by Statista . But now it is also the perfect helper for celebrities to google themselves and identify themselves to the authorities. this area of ​​opportunity should be taken care of by the company. meanwhile. IDs continue as the expected official document. Marcus Thuram is now the most popular footballer of the moment for his hilarious anecdote. perhaps.

Google should take advantage of the funny anecdote for advertising. The Day of the Dead is not only causing a furor in tennis. but also in Liga MX shirts. The Atlas joined the furor over the commemoration of one of the most beloved dates in. Mexico and therefore announced that it will wear a special. Edition shirt to commemorate the symbolic day. From the hand of his sponsor Charly Futbol. ​​He revealed what the alternative uniform of the Foxes looks like. In gray and black. With details referring to the skulls directly on the fabric of the design. It is carried by two models dressed as catrines. with accessories that make the image shine.

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