The rapid development of social media has made many companies realize the importance of fans at once. So the theory about the fan economy has become the only way for Cameroon phone number enterprises to transform. And develop the Internet. All kinds of fan groups, Internet celebrities, big V you After the party sang, I came on stage, firmly grasping the right to speak on the Internet. Of course, just having the right to speak is not enough. Cameroon phone number KOLs rely on their fans to seek deeper interest mining (there is no derogatory component here), and the “community economy” known as an upgraded version of the fan economy will come into play as the times require.

The Community Is More Inclined Cameroon phone number

This time, Tencent QQ hopes to use the concept of community to move the cheese of WeChat, which is very meaningful.  Cameroon phone number Under Tencent’s strategy of “connecting everything”, the community is not only an aggregation of people, but also a carrier of information, services, content and commodities. However, is the ancient sociological Cameroon phone number concept of community really as beautiful as we see it?In terms of content integration, the community is more inclined to a group game, and members influence each other through the community.

Their Fans to Seek Deeper Cameroon phone number

Cameroon phone number
Cameroon phone number

Those who build the beginning are really complicated, and those who land on the ground cover the widow. When you think of community, what comes to your mind? Xiaomi mobile phone, Cameroon phone numbers Wu Xiaobo channel or Luo Ji thinking. Found it? The community is not so much a fan economy, but a group owner economy. Each group owner can quickly show fans and listeners by virtue of their own tags;Community is stronger than communication.

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