Whether it is Airbnb or Uber, the core of their sharing model is that they are basically standardized services. Although everyone may have a different definition of how clean a house is, there is basically a consensus. As for travel, as fast as Germany Phone Numbers possible under the premise of safety. This is the core standard of Uber and the core standard of service recipients. So the question is, when the community O2O platform wants to build a community sharing economic platform. That utilizes idle resources within the community. What is the core standard of its sharing model? The participants of the platform should be: the property. The resident, although the buyer Germany Phone Number and seller are the owner.

The National Property Germany Phone Number Management

After years of real estate development, traditional property. The company has develop as an after-sales party and has master a large number of community resources and owner information. Including education, home furnishing, medical care, housing leasing, community finance, etc. Germany Phone Number Community O2O cannot completely bypass the property platform. If you want real long-term development. You still need the property as the landing point. In some community O2Os, the APP that integrates the function of opening the unit door with a mobile phone is strictly verified by the property management and authorized the key to the owner. Similarly, Germany Phone Number all kinds of idle resources in the community come from the owners.

They Be Bought and Sold Germany Phone Number

Germany Phone Number
Germany Phone Number

The smooth communication of Fang Information through the Internet platform can resolve many unnecessary conflicts and at the same time enhance the owner’s sense of trust in the property. The complexity of the types of idle resources Germany Phone Number in the community makes it difficult to standardize. For example, the following products and services are available for purchase on the platform. Commodities: native products, self-made, purchasing on behalf of others, self-produce Germany Phone Number pet trading), second-hand, etc. Services: pet services (dog walking, bathing, nursing), home cooking, babysitting, cleaning, consulting (lawyer, health care), tutoring, etc. Before there was a community O2O platform. What happen in the community usually was that when a certain neighbor met or saw it at a neighbor’s house.

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