For those of you who took marketing courses during your college years, Nigeria Phone Number List Kotler’s “4Ps” model that was “the basis” for investing in a target market? But yes, remember, this famous mix-marketing made up of the Product, the price, the promotion and the distribution (place in English).

4P-marketing-mixNeedless to say, this framework is no longer really relevant in the digital and connected world in which we currently live. With the technological revolution that we have been experiencing for several years, consumer behavior has changed and they definitely no longer react to this rigid and archaic model. Digital marketing has not only changed mindsets and practices, it has also forced professionals to evolve and acquire new skills that were not needed even 10 years ago. So what are the skills required today to evolve in digital marketing?

Content writing

Especially in an Inbound marketing context, the writer guarantees the quality of the content strategy. He’s the one who drives blogs and social media and creates compelling content. The skills as web copywriters are in great demand for animating blogs and creating compelling content. Visual content. Today, the trend is for visual content. In social media especially, videos, photos and infographics are supplanting written content. Just take a look at corporate Facebook pages or the rise of Pinterest to be convinced. Visual content is an integral part of current marketing strategies.

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Social media They have revolutionized the way the company communicates with its customers and vice versa, making virtual relationship management an indispensable quality. L’email marketing. Sending prospecting emails remains the nerve center of most modern marketing departments. It is indeed one of the most profitable channels in terms of ROI. Knowing how to optimize the performance of an email marketing campaign is a skill sought after by most companies.

Monitoring of marketing indicators

It is essential to be able to assess at all times the performance and the correctness of the strategic choices made. The modern marketer must be able to measure their campaigns and activities using marketing metrics. Newsletter content is neither complete nor effective without a clearly visible call-to-action button. Your emailing campaign necessarily has a goal: to increase traffic to the site, subscribe to a trial offer, buy a product, download a guide, etc. For this objective to be fulfilled, then it is essential to place a call-to-action under the content that is to trigger the action.

The Internet user does not like to look everywhere for a link, nor to read several times to understand an offer. It’s up to you to make his life easier with a link or a button that catches the eye thanks to a lively design. Your communication on social networks should be imagined as an attention grabber. It is not these media that will directly increase your sales, but the audience that you will attract and drain to your website. They have an impact on your image, your notoriety and your SEO.

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