There are still many bright spots in this mobile phone. Lao Zhou has been talking about micro-innovation. And now the mobile phone has Argentina Phone Number developed to the time to spell out the details. This is what Lao Zhou is good at. For example, at the operating system level, giving users more choices, dual cameras. Argentina Phone Number dual card dual standby, dual micro dual standby. Privacy security and other functional features are really eye-catching. And the pursuit of better experience. Today I want to talk about this sentence of the conference: an Internet product manager. Because in my cognition, Lao Zhou is a very good product manager.

The Pursuit of Better Experience Argentina Phone Number

I hope the legal department of 360 will not come Argentina Phone Number to me (floating by)~ First: From the product level, Zhou Hongyi is a good product manager who is user-centered and value-first After I joined 360, like all new employees, I had to participate in the corporate culture training Argentina Phone Number of the company’s new employee take-off training camp. One of the things that impressed me the most was in a class, a training instructor asked: What did you think of this company before entering 360. Does anyone know how 360 is profitable?

The Things That Impressed Argentina Phone Number

Argentina Phone Number
Argentina Phone Number

Many students in the class took the initiative to answer: safety, awesomeness, combat, cool and other words, and some students and I mentioned such a word: rogue company. Yes, Argentina Phone Numbers that’s exactly what I answered. Before that, the information I received was like this, I didn’t even use any 360 products before joining the job, because I was afraid of my privacy like everyone who hates 360. However, Argentina Phone Numbers after taking that class, I began to look at the company and its products objectively from the perspective of an ordinary user, and I found that it is indeed a company with love and warmth, and is user-centric.

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