The implementation of an Inbound Marketing strategy involves several activities that work in synergy. To this end, when you ask a digital marketing agency to provide you with a quote for the launch of an Inbound Guatemala Phone Number List  campaign, it must return a document that includes the various axes necessary for the realization of your project. To help you see more clearly, here are the essential elements that must contain an Inbound Marketing quote .

Suppose you sell touch tablets intended for children, you will certainly be more likely to reference yourself on “children’s touch pad” than on “tablet”. In addition, you have the assurance of attracting parents who are looking for a technological gift specially developed for the little ones. You might get less traffic, but you will increase your conversion rate . An agency often works through a network that it makes available to its clients. It is likely that your agency has already worked on a topic related to your field of activity and that it can find influencers and lead a community effectively.

Strategic launch thinking

No Inbound Marketing strategy can be developed without having carried out a complete analysis of the market, trends, strengths and weaknesses of the company, as well as its customer profile (buyer personas). The objective of this step is to generate and transform web traffic, or in other words, to transform complete strangers into customers. The agency must then be able to put itself completely in your place, but also in the place of your customers, to address them in the most appropriate way.


It is also essential at this time to schedule an audit of your site or blog to see if it is compatible with your inbound marketing strategy. For example, it must respect the user experience of your targets or correspond to your positioning. It is thanks to this study that the agency will be able to determine a strategic focus, choose the appropriate content, as well as the means of dissemination . It is then an action plan that we develop according to 5 W (what, what, where, how and why) which perfectly addresses the challenges of our customers. If, for example, you want to achieve 1 million euros in turnover thanks to inbound marketing, you will have to set up a project capable of making you achieve these results. Content, social media, SEO, press, marketing automation and technology then support this action plan in a concrete and evolving manner.

A webdesign service inbound marketing ready

You may be able to internally support the creation of your website or blog for inbound marketing activities, but there is little chance that strategic thinking will not impact the design of your current platforms. Optimization of natural referencing, improvement of the mobile interface (responsive design), implementation of call to action or even premium resources, all these activities must be part of the DNA of your website. You will also have to choose a domain name or set up a subdomain on which you want to capitalize in a sustainable way: a minimum of thought is therefore essential. If your agency doesn’t care, worry!

Content production
Content marketing is a pillar of Inbound Marketing and this strategy can only be effective with the dissemination of quality articles. A complete quote should absolutely include writing and posting articles on your blog. The number of articles must be specified, as well as their nature: buying guides, advice, case studies … Each content can have a different price. Typically, the quote will have a monthly frequency for blog posts, infographics, videos, white papers, or other content.

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