In addition. a photograph began to circulate of one of the collaborators of the sheikhs of the French club posing with what would be the new shirt of Lionel Messi. According to the sports newspaper Olé. from Argentina. Messi’s contract would be for three years. not two. and for a total of 120 million euros net. Although there would be several plus for objectives. Messi arrives with the token in his possession. so PSG does not have to pay Barcelona anything. Although it is a huge amount of money. it is not a figure that other clubs with other stars do not manage.

Chelsea. for example. offered 110 million dollars to Inter Milan for the Belgian Lukaku. and to that we must add the contract with the player. Social networks Canada Phone Number became the best allies for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games . however. the International Olympic Committee (IOC) assured that sharing videos of competitions from social networks is not allowed. not even for athletes. In the midst of one of the strangest editions in the face of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. the IOC itself has decided to use social networks to disseminate these Olympics.

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With Snapchat. Facebook. Instagram. WhatsApp and TikTok being the main channels. to reach audiences around the world. Each of them with its own proposal. A case of ‘censorship’ An example of this is when Jamaican sprinter Elaine Thompson-Herah. a double gold medalist. was briefly blocked on Instagram last Wednesday after posting videos of her successful 100 and 200 meter races for her 310.000 followers. violating the rights broadcast of the Games. Although a Facebook spokesperson said that the company-owned Instagram content was removed.

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But the ban was wrongly applied. the Jamaican athlete later posted on her Instagram Stories that the ban had been lifted with smiling emoji. Is it a good option to invest in bitcoin? The IOC option Taking this example as a basis. IOC spokesman Mark Adams asserted that both athletes and spectators from around the world can continue to share the moments of the sporting event. but that should be with still images. “We encourage people. we encourage everyone. to share still photos of the performances.

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but the video obviously belongs to the broadcasters who own the rights.” he told Reuters. According to the organization. the removal of unauthorized content on. Social networks was an automatic process thanks to the. Fact that “rights broadcasting organizations (RHBs) have the exclusive rights to broadcast the. Olympic Games.” “This includes distribution on social networks. RHBs in their accounts. But they cannot publish the content of the competition natively”. he added.

In the event that someone shares the videos of the competitions. the content will continue to be removed automatically. The role of social networks There is no doubt that social networks are. A key means for the public to participate. In the conversation about the Olympic Games. an example has been. The soccer matches of the Mexican National Team. Also. in this edition there are more. Athletes who have used their personal accounts to publish viral videos. And images of what happens behind the scenes. as was the diver

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