Even if its visual Armenia WhatsApp Number List may seem minimalist, its design is more complicated than that of a classic site.Flat Design comes down to a sub-stream of minimalism that follows several rules.A design called ” Flat ” must not contain drop shadows, textures, bevels or gradients, to sum up anything that gives depth to an object!No surplus is added to make the objects more realistic, unlike the website design using which incorporates depth of field, as well as 3D elements.The Flat Design is based on two extremely important parameters: the ranking and placement of elements. the objective being a well thought out ergonomics facilitating navigation while offering an interesting user experience.

This movement is starting to penetrate more and more on the Web, but it is already very widespread for smartphone applications.This style uses a lot of icons and buttons to make the interface as interactive as possible, but be careful you only need to use angular geometric shapes or with slight rounded (squares, circles, rectangles, etc.) with different colors, which is fine. make your site intuitive for your visitors and will entice them to click on these elements.For this design, there is a defined color code (usually monochromatic) that must be followed as much as possible if you want to make a 100% “flat design” . We can use 6 to 8 different colors in the conception of its design unlike three on a classic site!

Pixel Art: a new trend in web creation?

Pixel Art is a trend of the 90s. We can say that this movement continues! Thirties nostalgia for games on old consoles. Pixel Art comes back to life!Let’s start with the definition of the pixel, the pixel is the basic unit to measure the definition of a digital raster image. The pixel is the smallest element of an image. Pixel Art is a digital composition of squares, using a limited number of colors and low screen definition .Pixel Art was one of the first ways to draw on a computer. Artists create images square by square. Its story begins in the 70s. Ten years later, the decorations are perfected, the large squares are refined and the images are animated ( remember the 1st Mario in the thirties! ).



On the first video games, the player was taken into a simplistic universe, the images were made up of large squares, the graphics were basic.In the 80s and 90s, Pixel Art remained anchored in geek culture as a tool of expression, of illustration, a real art!In 1998, advertisers began to use this art, in particular AREVA, which traced the history of electricity through a clip in Pixel Art. Then other brands follow, such as ADIDAS, COCA-COLA, Microsoft .Gradually, the pixel becomes more and more refined with the increase in screen resolution.

Is the pixel art trend back?

Some artists have become graphic designers or simply passionate about pixels and beyond the nostalgic aspect, the pixel has become an art!For example, a fairly common practice on Internet 2.0 is to make Pixel Art creations, with Hama beads ( small beads that are assembled on a plate provided for this purpose ).The works created in Pixel Art are generally very impressive, they are extremely detailed. There are several techniques to achieve them and one can spend hours studying a beautiful piece of Pixel Art.It is a long and meticulous job, which requires a particularly precise basic technique.

Two tools are tolerated, the pencil and the 1 pixel eraser. Anything that is automatically degraded, filters, etc. are prohibited.The Pixel Artist works by magnifying the image using the magnifying glass, in order to be able to distinguish every detail of his creation. Each pixel is carefully placed with the mouse.Pixel Art is not a new artistic trend but more a return of a movement that appeared in the 70s. And like fashion or the various artistic movements that come and go, Pixel Art is coming back !Pixel Art lives on and is not about to disappear!

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