To get started, you don’t need the Slovakia Email List of ​​the century. You have to listen to the market and identify the pain points in a sector. I simply saw an opportunity to improve on what was already being done. Afterwards, it is not enough to have an idea, it is necessary to put it into practice. This is what really matters. For once, it is impossible to be 100% prepared. There will inevitably be unforeseen events to deal with as and when they were difficult to anticipate. It is in these moments that everyday life can become more complicated but that’s also what we like. This is why you have to be clear with yourself and get started for the right reasons.

Second and last tip, what keeps your business alive is finance, it’s the core of your business, the fuel that is put into the engine, without finance you will not exist. Many companies with great concepts have failed because of poor management of their finances. I think it is very risky to leave this responsibility to an employee. The entrepreneur must master this base to properly manage his future. If it’s not in your hands, you can’t know the leeway you have, the optimization points, the critical points that will ensure the sustainability of your business. You will not die of exploitation but of cash, which is why having a knowledge and a nose in your corporate finance is essential.

Collect the data

After a few years, a computer enthusiast member who is also very competent in this area said to himself, “well, it is time to move on to the year 2020, I am going to develop an application, in collaboration with the federation, to that the members make their file themselves directly online. I will apply at the beginning of July, after I go on vacation, at the end of August I finish the app and presto the service is open on August 30, members can register from the end of August. it’s going to be fine, anyway I chose a software stack that I mastered perfectly and fully complies with internet standards so it’s going to be fine ”


From a business point of view, you have to know how to delegate and not rely only on yourself. There will always be people more talented than you to do certain tasks. The real talent of the entrepreneur is knowing how to coordinate all his talents to make them move in the same direction. In addition, the old system was intended for roughly 1,000 users on national territory. The new application is aimed at 300,000 users. Nothing technically problematic, but 300,000 users who asked for nothing compared to 1,000 trained and motivated users is radically different This misunderstanding has led to completely neglecting the user experience aspects and not being sufficiently or not sufficiently well accompanied by strong skills in UX / UI Design.

Structuring the data

My computer genius comrade also omitted the time to spend on user tests before opening into production! In real life (true, I’m barely caricature) he tested the thing on his PC and “it worked perfectly” (sic)! The reality is that 50% of members use their phone (Android or Apple) to make their file. Of the other 50%, there are some who have not necessarily updated their internet browser on their PC (On Chrome it’s difficult not to do it, but on Firefox or Opera for example, nothing is wrong. ‘requires updates). I’m not even telling you about those who have a Mac with a more or less old version of Safari, or the geek who want

to do it on Linux with Chromium (and who of course criticize the achievement of my little computer genius). Beyond technical and functional problems, user tests (with real users) are the only things that allow us to identify and prioritize interface or user experience issues (UX / UI design Test). When we develop an application for 300,000 ordinary users, using Internet technologies is essential, we are deeply convinced of this. But it’s not enough just to use the latest possibilities in HTML5 and CSS3. It may conform to W3C standards but not yet supported by all browsers and on all types of devices. We must endeavor to develop a code which foresees cases with other functions for slightly older browsers or in mobile version.

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