These are some of the first updates to Google’s algorithm , launched over 10 years ago! At that time, the famous search engine was not as efficient as it is Uk Email Lists and was then content to count the number of keywords and links that a page received to judge its positioning in the results pages. This is how practices such as keyword stuffing , spamming and even backlink hunting have developed to become the norm.

But Google has made up its mind not to let it go and to punish anyone who circumvents the system. This is why its search engine regularly fills in its gaps in order to make the system “fairer”, in order to allow users to find the most relevant results corresponding to a query. And, like it or not, it is this evolution of Google’s search algorithm that is shaping the future of digital marketing . How should we adapt our SEO practices to best meet Google’s dictates? And most importantly, what should we expect in the years to come? Salesforce asked some of the most successful Anglo-Saxon SEO experts to find out more …

What is the future of Search Engine Optimization?

“I see SEO and Inbound Marketing coming together to form a single discipline. Since all inbound communication channels are interconnected ( organic search , social media , Content , Email , etc.), it It will be impossible in the future to do SEO in a correct way without touching these different practices and without trying to optimize them. ” “Google’s algorithm is called upon to evolve towards a better understanding of the relationship between the content, the request and the person who formulates this request in order to offer the best possible answer according to the needs of the Internet user . , in the future, Google will try to better understand who are the authors behind a site, in order to assess whether this is the type of content that the Internet user is really looking for. ”

Uk Email Lists

Avène intelligently sets itself apart by providing a regular forum for influential fashion bloggers , who have a large, responsive community. The diversity of bloggers selected allows the brand to reach all of its target audience. She can then focus on more corporate content for her Facebook page and tutorials for YouTube. By diversifying its publications as much, Avène makes sure to reach all the players in its market: consumers, potential customers, as well as current and potential distributors. A well-mastered Brand Content strategy !

What is the relationship between Social Media and SEO?

“I think we are only seeing the real benefits of Social Media in terms of SEO (besides generating backlinks ). We need to think of Social Media and Search not separately, but as two disciplines requiring an approach. unified , because the quality contents are beneficial to both of them and the synergy of the two can bring enormous advantages. ” “The two disciplines cannot be treated separately because they are part of the same ecosystem : the research results offer opportunities for links / shares / mentions which gives them more authority and therefore better positions in the research results, so even more more links / shares / mentions etc. ”

“Social Media and SEO are virtually the same thing today: good Social Media activity not only influences search engines but is also essential for delivering content and increasing inbound traffic to a site.” Want to learn more about SEO and social media? Discover our articles: Google wants to reference live tweets, what impact on your SEO strategy ?, The incredible influence that Google+ has on results pages , or even: Optimize your Google+ page for SEO in 6 points The beauty and the geek : this fashion blogger is best known on Instagram and Twitter where she is respectively followed by 26,700 and 7,000 followers.

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