We told you about it in a Comoros Email List article , this advertising program offered by Google, deployed in the United States for several years, offers VSEs and SMEs the implementation of paid advertising campaigns in order to attract new local customers. It will initially be available for 16 categories of home services in 10 countries: Germany, United Kingdom, France, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland and Spain. Local Service Ads is a pay per lead generated program that started with the idea of ​​offering small businesses a very simple advertising product that generates more tangible results. There is no Google Ads advertising campaign to create for the customer since Google

takes care of everything depending on your industry and catchment area. The goal is therefore to allocate a budget for Google to promote your local business . You will only pay if you get calls and leads. Local Services ads will operate in France as a cost-per-lead auction . Basically, you define a budget for your advertising campaign, and Google will define how much it will cost you to generate a prospect which could be related, for example, to an Internet user who presses the “Call” button on your Google My Business listing . Depending on your industry, Google will charge you more or less for each lead that will be generated through these Local Services ads.

Definition of the Local Service Ads program

Obtaining this badge is a mandatory prerequisite to participate in the Local Services Ads program. To obtain it, companies must go through background and license checks to benefit from the Google guarantee. In the United States, Google uses third-party license, insurance, and background checks to obtain this badge (referred to as “Google Guaranteed”). In Europe, Google will carry out its own internal checks, using government databases. Typically there is a 14 day wait before the applicant company is verified and vetted. This wait should be shorter in Europe, given the absence of third party involvement This program provides a Google guarantee!


Also new, Local Services ads come with a Google guarantee. The Google Guarantee offers to reimburse consumers who have requested the services of a professional through Local Services ads but who were ultimately not satisfied with the quality of the work done, after trying to resolve the problem with the service provider. For consumers, the main proposition of Local Services ads is trust, thanks to the protection and money-back guarantee offered by Google. For businesses, they appear at the top of local Google results and stand out, in addition to their rating, with a badge certified by Google. How are the leads generated by these ads defined?

How much does it cost

There are several ways for local businesses to receive leads through these Local Services announcements: by phone, message / email, or online reservation. Note that the online reservation function will not however be available in Europe at the time of launch. The argument put forward by Google to encourage companies to subscribe to this program is “pay only for results”. This is because traders are only billed when they receive a valid lead. Here’s how Google defines a valid prospect: You receive a missed call (without voicemail message) and you come back to this customer via an SMS, a call or an email.

You receive an online reservation request from a customer. Conclusion With the arrival of the Local Services Ads program in France, Google is striking a blow in the sector of online advertising relating to local establishments. Through this initiative, Google takes care of everything for the customer and generates prospects. The only problem could be the price per lead / prospect that Google will determine depending on your industry and geographic area. Indeed, we hope that companies will be able to navigate. For the consumer, this program is for rent! Since the latter will benefit from a guarantee provided by Google which

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