But if you search for “ long tail content marketing” you will get a smaller amount, about 705,000 results. Content marketing in e-commerce this is because long tail keywords make the internet search more specific. Imagine the perspective of the seeker; by typing a longer search query you are telling you what solution you need to solve your problem. Undoubtedly a key element for your digital writing plan . Importance of long tail words if you want to reach more audience you need to incorporate long tail keywords into your content writing .

According to the statista portal, the search for more than 4 words represents more than 95.88% of the total search on google (johnson, 2021). Therefore, it is urgent that you take into account how your customers actually search. Next, we explain why the research and incorporation of long tail keywords is important : 1. Rank better Portugal phone number with long-tail keywords most companies and marketing professionals focus their strategy on the search for short-tail keywords (the popular ones). This makes them have a high search volume, which is difficult to compete with.

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Depending on the activity to which you dedicate yourself, the competition may include large companies, national or international; perhaps with greater resources for seo than you. By contrast, there is much less competition for long-tail keywords; this makes it easier to classify them. And even if they have fewer monthly searches, it is very likely that the click-through rate (ctr) will be higher than the short-tail words (mehlman, 2021). Seo and content marketing: 12 important tips 2. Long tail keywords have more specific intent there are 3 types of searches on the internet: informative, navigation and transactional.

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Long tail keywords usually indicate that the search engine wants to perform an action. For example: short tail word “long tail”. This term could indicate anything from a search demand graph, the tail of a mouse, or digital marketing. Long tail word “long tail content marketing tools”. If you sell long tail keyword research software , this is a phrase that would serve you well to rank. Which of the 2 keywords is closer to ending up in a transaction? Long tail keywords are more related to a willingness to trade. Therefore, they can attract quality traffic. The basis is that they are more specific and express what the client is really looking for.

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This makes them have an excellent roi: long-taail keywords convert 36% of cases (increase 360, 2020). 3. Help focus your content strategy the three main objectives of a content strategy are: brand building, positioning and lead generation. For this there is nothing more effective than using words in your digital writing. Since it allows you to structure your content based on the search for your ideal client. Becoming an obligatory reference in your sector. We know that researching long tail keywords is hard work. But the benefits are tangible. Visitors who come to your page will find just what they are looking for.

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