If you are a child of the 90s and Kazakhstan Email List before, you inevitably remember the hype of communications on television, and in the press during periods of political elections. I remember being indifferent, or even hilarious, several times watching on television the official commercials of the different candidates and political parties, sometimes bordering on outdatedness. This was particularly the case in 2009, when the UMP had the brilliant idea of ​​surfing the ephemeral fashion of lip dub . As a reminder, the lip dub initially consisted of presenting a company, its employees and especially its managers through a video clip made most often in the workplace.

The idea being to refresh the formal image that the general public could have of the business world. It was therefore logical that a political party like the UMP seizes this new way of communicating, for the better, and especially for the worse… Fortunately, the landscape of political campaigns and messages today has radically changed. The time when politicians spent astronomical sums of money on video and paper communication campaigns, without having real control over the reach of their message, will gradually become over. Now, the time has come to gain more results while spending less , by taking advantage of digital communication channels such as social networks and search engines like Google.

What is Inbound Marketing

In this article, we would like to define how, whether you are a politician or a politician, using digital marketing through an Inbound Marketing strategy can help you achieve effective and measurable results by allocating a suitable budget. audience you are targeting. We are going through an era in which digital is omnipresent, where the website represents for a political party or a personality, its digital identity. Your website is the main medium on which all your digital communication will be focused. Needless to say, to conduct your next political campaign effectively, the creation of your website is crucial. SEO (Search Engine Optimization), also called SEO


represents the soul of digital marketing. Search engines, and mainly Google’s, are ideal showcases for making your political measures and the direction of your approach visible to all Internet users. As a reminder, natural referencing consists in improving the visibility of the pages of your website in Google search results. The strength of natural referencing integrated within a digital marketing strategy therefore lies in the fact that you have the opportunity to work on your visibility and e-reputation according to the research and specific keywords typed by Internet users in the search engine in Google. Regardless of the reason that leads a person to browse and search for information

The creation of your website

on the Internet, in the majority of cases this person will use the Google search engine, which will generate website results based on their search. For a politician, analyzing the behavior of Internet users and the searches they can carry out on Google will allow them to identify their expectations and what they hope for in terms of societal improvements. Once the identification of research and problems of Internet users is complete, it will be necessary to create content in textual form, addressing these problems and offering an answer to them, to then publish it on your website. Thanks to this content integrating the keywords typed by your audience.

Through his blog , the leader of France Insoumise and his communication team regularly publish content dealing with current events and societal situations in France. The objective is to build a real digital identity and a visible e-reputation in Google in relation to users looking for two types of queries: those related to Mélenchon, and generic queries. Allowing the man of the Left to have direct and total control thanks to his blog on research relating to his person and his political party. For his electorate, this at the same time establishes greater proximity and a thinning of the border between the politician and his electorate. For Internet users who are not necessarily part of the electorate of Jean-Luc Mélenchon,

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