The two major Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List advances that will bring business marketing strategies into a undoubtedly augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). From product development to storytelling and creating engaging content, AR and VR enable businesses to create immersive experiences to put their customers in near real life.And it is not the rebranding of Facebook in Meta and the announcement of its Metaverse that will contradict this trend!

An interesting example of the use of augmented reality for your shopping experience is the possibility for users to test the rendering of cosmetic products directly in Google Shopping.The virtual reality in turn, allows via a dedicated headset to immerse themselves in an environment completely replacing our reality. Thus, a museum like the Louvre has developed a VR experience allowing users to come face to face with the Mona Lisa.National Geographic went further by developing an application dedicated to the Oculus Quest headset, putting you in the shoes of a photographer on an expedition to the 4 corners of the world. For having tested it a few weeks ago… I can tell you that it’s amazing!

The domination of short videos

With the explosion of TikTok which democratized short videos, this content format is fast becoming the cornerstone of brands’ content marketing strategy .In a society where people want to consume content as quickly as possible, short videos are a fun way to get a message across while capturing the attention of the viewer. This trend, Facebook and Google have understood it well, since the two giants released in 2020, Reels on Instagram, and in 2021 Shorts on Youtube. Moreover, Instagram relies so heavily on this engaging format that it uses it as a gateway to e-commerce.


Indeed, the social network allows influencers posting short videos in Reels, to add clickable links on displayed products so that viewers can buy them.If your site is unresponsive for more than two days, Google will start deindexing your pages. In other words, your pages will be deindexed from Google’s SERPs if your site is down for more than two days. So be careful to manage your site migrations and choose a high-performance web hosting.This statement was made by John Mueller during an SEO Office Hours hangout with internet users on December 10, 2021.An SEO consultant by the name of Aakash Singh approached John Mueller during this livestream to ask him how he could assess the SEO impact of the site of one of his clients who had been unresponsive for more than a week. Basically the site has been down for over a week.

Is your site inaccessible? Google will deindex your pages

Unfortunately, a site that has been crashed for more than a week will necessarily be negatively impacted in terms of its organic visibility .If a site’s pages become inaccessible, it will be a matter of days before they are deindexed from Google’s SERPs, says John Mueller.However, Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst provides a little advice on how to deal with this kind of situation.If a site is crashed due to a server failure for several days, whether planned (for a migration for example) or not, it will not be possible to go through negative effects for your SEO.

However, John Mueller indicates that if your site is down for a day or a little longer, you should use the response code 503 which is a good way to tell Google to come back later to visit your pages. It’s a way of saying: “Hey Google! We are under construction just for today but we reopen tomorrow so come back! “.On the other hand, if your pages remain inaccessible after two days, Google will consider that a permanent error code is returned and that these pages have left the site for good. They will therefore disappear from the Google index. When the pages become available again, Google will crawl them again and try to reindex them. But in the meantime, a lot of pages will have been removed from .

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