Lei Jun once said that the philosophy in “The Three-Body Problem” has a profound impact on its strategic layout. And I have recently been reflecting on the entire Denmark Phone Number dimensional structure of the Internet. The most famous one borrowed from the Internet circle in “The Three-Body Problem” is the dimensionality reduction attack at the end of the Three-Body Problem. , the two-way foil of advanced civilization will destroy the entire solar system from three-dimensional to two-dimensional. And the dimensionality reduction attack in the Denmark Phone Number Internet is also very similar. But there are differences. The Internet’s dimensionality reduction attack rules are: Product A and Product B have highly overlapping users. A will take part of B’s ​​market share by detour.

The Dimensionality Denmark Phone Number Reduction Attack

For example, the SMS business relationship between WeChat and China Mobile. Dimensionality reduction attacks in the PC era The Internet in the PC era is an extremely barbaric era. The giants use the method of destroying their opponents to prevent themselves from being threatened. Denmark Phone Number Secondly, the giants eat the meat in their own bowls and look at the meat in other people’s pots, not only preventing their own products from being threatened. And often waved flags in front of rival city gates. Baidu has also done e-commerce (yes) and social networking (Baidu hi), Ali has also done search (Yitao) Denmark Phone Number and social networking (Wangwang), Tencent has also done search (search) and e-commerce (Paipai), But it was all a small fight, and there was no big movement.

The Meat in Other People’s Denmark Phone Number

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Denmark Phone Number

All the attacks do not show the detour-style surpassing of technology. They just copy Denmark Phone Number the opponent’s methods to do the same business as the opponent, and of course they do not do well. Of course, it has no effect. Of course, there are still dimensionality reduction attacks in the PC era. Let’s look at the following cases: A successful dimensionality reduction attack 360 searches with Sogou The search Denmark Phone Numbers  engine in the PC era has always been Baidu’s largest market share, but in the end, it was scrambled by 360 and Sogou for part of the market share.

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