In fact, emotions are the number one factor that contributes to audiovisual material spreading like wildfire on the internet. A study revealed that the top ten emotions that are most likely to go viral are (fractl, 2019): fun interest surprise happiness delight pleasure happiness hope affected emotion top 5 tips for creating viral content 1. Think outside the box it is the first step in creating creative videos that you want to go viral . Over the years, brands have realized that this type of material is the most effective way to attract the target audience and promote their products or services.

So, to get attention, you have to create something that has not been seen before. Remember that you only have a few seconds to capture and hold the attention of internet users. So you have to hook them right away if you want them to make it to the end of your video. Think about what message you want to convey Colombia phone number and who is your target audience . Then find the most creative way to present that information to your audience. For example, in 2021, the ” save ralph ” campaign was one of the most viral content of the year. It was something totally innovative to raise awareness about animal abuse.

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It was a humanized rabbit manipulated as a “Guinea pig” for products that would later be used on people. This video reached more than 13 million views. Be unique and you’ll be one step closer to creating a viral video! 2. Keep up with current trends as you come up with ideas for your next viral content , it can be helpful to research current trends on the internet. Check the streaming apps or ott services (free streaming service). See what viewers are talking about. Think if there is a challenge that your brand can participate in and start making your video! You may learn how to make viral content during this process.

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Just to give you some ideas, we will mention “the squid game”. Many personal brands, companies and influencers have made videos based on this famous netflix series to have viral content and they have succeeded. 3. Be brief viral content is usually short, from a few seconds to a couple of minutes. Since videos often go viral on social media, short-form content is the best solution. While browsing their social media feeds, customers come across a wide range of videos. Your content needs to cut through the noise and grab their attention. If it is brief and effective, it will surely do it. 4.

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Evoke emotions in most cases, content goes viral because it triggers emotions. Customers will share videos with their family and friends because they have a reaction. Getting people to feel humor, positivity, compassion, or other happy feelings is a sure way to generate viral content . Do you want a sample? Take a look at this video from extra gum , with the love story of how juan made sarah fall in love with some drawings on gum wrappers. Your emotions will go on a roller coaster. The commercials were moving and the feelings of the public were organic and real. 5. Tell stories it is absolutely insane that most content creators and agencies fall for the sales content trap. Stories have captivated our attention since the beginning of time.

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