n the lives of some SEO professionals (those who sometimes indulged in a few “Black Hat” techniques), there has been a “before” and an “after” Penguin 2.1 . This anti-spam filter deployed in October 2013 Ukraine WhatsApp Number List to combat websites that were trying to boost their SEO.by exploiting the flaws in Google’s search engine. When releasing this search algorithm update, Matt Cutts said that “about 1% of queries will be affected” which caused a mini-quake in the SEO community and he will not have It took a long time to see cries of distress and “tutorial” articles flourish in the blogosphere to repair the devastating effects that the penguin would have caused in some.

What impact has Google Penguin had on SEO practices hitherto used by professionals? How did they adapt to meet the new standards imposed by the American giant? The infographic below tells you everything! In a world where competition is fierce and consumers are drowned in advertising, inbound is proving to be a necessity. Indeed, doing inbound means communicating to the right people, and especially at the right time, without being intrusive. The objective of Inbound Marketing is to make your target want to come and contact you on their own.

Practices to be avoided

Networks of private links between site owners ( spam blogroll );
Irrelevant comments on poor quality blogs and forums;
Over-optimization of links thanks to link anchors stuffed with keywords ; The spam directories (besides, if you listed your site in irrelevant directories in the past, it is necessary to check if those links are still present and to disavow or put them in nofollow if necessary); The contents that offer little or no value and does not make sense to your target audience; Obtaining links from sites with high PageRank but not relevant to your niche or industry;

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The use of social media as a simple content distribution platform without interacting with its community. What is the relationship between the Inbound methodology and the concept of the Inbound cycle? The Inbound cycle schematizes the Inbound methodology which is done in 3 stages: Attract, Interact and retain. The goal is to attract strangers, get in touch with prospects, retain customers and finally, keep promoters. By combining the two strategies Inbound and Outbound, you ensure the success of your business, thanks to an increase in qualified leads and a more personalized prospecting process.

Best practices (if you haven’t already …)

Making Guest posting on relevant blogs; Diversify its content offering ( videos , infographics , case studies , etc.); Establish natural relationships with other bloggers or sites in your niche; Promote external content of interest to your audience ( content curation );
Establish solid relationships with your community on social media;
Solicit opinions and comments about its products and services.

If you were into White Hat practices , the way you do SEO after Penguin shouldn’t change or affect your website. On the contrary, Google having given more importance to certain points (in particular social media and content marketing), your efforts have certainly been rewarded and your referencing has improved following the various updates of the search algorithm. On the other hand, if you have been affected in any way by Penguin or even Panda, take the time to review your SEO practices and see if you haven’t pulled on the rope a bit too much. Do you produce cookie-cutter content just to produce content or do you strive to deliver quality articles to your audience? Did you get backlinks without actually earning them? have you submitted your site to some of those directories that promised you 500 back links? Remember that Google only asks you one thing: “Don’t be evil”!

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