Jiang Haoxin said, I am personally looking forward to the continued. Rapid development of eLong’s mobile accommodation business if Vietnam Phone Number. Tencent can successfully privatize eLong this time, and develop deeper cooperation with Tencent in various fields. Not long ago, Ctrip just announced that it has become the largest shareholder of eLong. Originally, the outside world thought that eLong was going to withdraw from the online travel market. So what caused Ctrip to give up Vietnam Phone Number the idea of ​​annexing eLong? Liu Kuang believes that there are three reasons. Subsequently, the Ministry of Commerce held a press conference to express its position on Ctrip’s announcement that it would jointly acquire a 62.4% stake in eLong with related companies.

The Ministry of Commerce Held Vietnam Phone Number

According to Ctrip’s previous intentions, Liu Kuang believed that it was very likely that he wanted to directly annex eLong, but due to the suspicion of monopoly, Ctrip had to be cautious. For Ctrip, the annexation of eLong will also face difficulties in integration. Liu Kuang believes Vietnam Phone Number that the decline of eLong in recent years has continued, and Ctrip found that it was not as smooth as originally planned after it began to integrate. There are problems in the docking of personnel and products on both sides. There are too many overlaps in the business of Ctrip and eLong. Ctrip and Elong Vietnam Phone Number started at the same time. Air tickets and vacations, and earn commissions from them. Especially in the hotel business, Elong and Ctrip have a high degree of cooperation.

Both Provide Consumers With Vietnam Phone Number

Vietnam Phone Number
Vietnam Phone Number

In fact, this acquisition is like a Eliminating the acquisitions of competitors, why is eLong willing? In the face of Vietnam Phone Numbers Ctrip’s acquisition of eLong shares, eLong’s executive team is also helpless, and the continuous losses have made it difficult for eLong to persist. Judging from Vietnam Phone Number Tencent’s actions, this time is inevitable. After Tencent privatizes eLong, it will fully support eLong from the two aspects of capital and channels, especially the strong channel of WeChat. According to the Anti-monopoly Law, if the concentration of business operators meets the reporting standards stipulated by the State Council.

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