According to the latest July statistics from Netdai Home, Lufax, Renrendai, Yirendai, Paipaidai, Building Blocks Box,, Kaixindai, Yirendai,, Xinhehui, Hexinxin,, Youmedai, and Aiqian ranked in the top 15. With the acceleration of the reshuffle. Most of the small and medium P2P platforms in the entire domestic market will face elimination in the future. Although it seems Ecuador Phone Numbers that the online loan industry is booming. In fact, there are many chaos. And problem Ecuador Phone Number platforms emerge one after another. According to statistics, as of the end of July 2015. Moreover, the cumulative number of problematic platforms has reached 895, accounting for 41% of the total number of platforms.

It Seems That the Online Ecuador Phone Number

At the end of June, Hang Seng Electronics, Ant Financial, and China Investment Insurance jointly invested and established the Wangjinshe platform. Hang Seng Electronics is a well-known Ecuador Phone Number leading financial IT company in China. Ant Financial owns Alipay, Yu’e Bao, Zhaocaibao and other Internet financial wealth management companies. From the background of Wangjinshe, the strength is by no means comparable to that of ordinary P2P platforms. The most important thing is not that, Wangjinshe can Ecuador Phone Number not only provide services for its own products, but also provide services for other trading centers to issue products.

The Strength Is by No Means Ecuador Phone Number

Ecuador Phone Number
Ecuador Phone Number

Lufax integrated its self-operated P2P business into Ping An Pratt & Whitney. After the integration, Ping An Pratt & Whitney became Lufax’s P2P product supplier, and Lufax completely. In the first place, became a third-party Ecuador Phone Numbers open platform. Compete with each other. As for Wangjinshe and Lufax, they have deployed P2P platforms. Many people Ecuador Phone Number believe that the era of P2P integrated platforms will officially come. That is to say, the significance of building a P2P platform is actually not great.

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