This guest blogging article was written by Kevin Nkonda , author of KNK Digital In a previous article, it was about the 4 missions of Content Marketing (which, I remind you, are to entertain, educate, inspire, and Catalan Email List your readers), structuring a very practical matrix allowing to find the types content adapted to each of them. While it is important to have these 4 missions in mind when you start producing your content , it is just as important to structure this process in order to master all aspects. Thus, you will only be more relevant to your target, and in the long run more effective in achieving your objectives.

From now on, gaining the engagement of your readers will be won with the sweat of your brow. Redouble your efforts in the production of quality content, get to know your audience better, in particular through the creation of buyer persona , define your editorial strategy , hire the best talents, you will surpass all your competitors and reap an even return on investment more interesting.

The Periodic Table adapted to Content Marketing

Like “The Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors ”, Chris Lake of Econsultancy has designed a sort of reminder that any content marketer can rely on to structure their work. He naturally called it “The Periodic Table of Content Marketing”, because its formatting was inspired by the periodic table of the elements used to classify the chemical elements. Click here to zoom the image.

Catalan Email List

There is therefore a real demand , and it is only a matter of time before all the players in the health sector offer their customers or patients this type of offer. According to Research2Guidance , there are already 100,000 health apps on the App Store and Google Play. From a marketing point of view, the interest here is to create added value for its customers in many steps: assistance, monitoring, analysis or even prevention and well-being.

The viral capacity of the content

We often talk about ” call-to-action “, that is to say making sure to trigger the commitment of people . This is exactly what you will be trying to do by distributing your content across the web. By playing on the levers (“sharing triggers”) proposed in the periodic table of content marketing , you can easily know which ones generate the most sharing (and engagement) from your audience: do they prefer content? funny, shocking, “cool”, factual, etc. ?

Finally, throughout the process, you will make sure to continuously optimize your content by referring to the suggested checklist, so as to promote accessibility and its ability to engage your audience.
In conclusion, even if the periodic table of content marketing is not exhaustive, it is very useful for anyone who needs to structure their approach effectively, from the definition of a strategy to the measurement of results and the implementation corrective actions. And you, is your content production in line with a clearly defined strategy, based on concrete objectives? Are you thinking of varying types and formats of content, selecting the relevant platforms, and working on engaging your audience?

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