Unlike Facebook , this feature is Mexico Email List for Instagram posts that users post as sponsored content with a brand . For example, a ready-to-wear brand could pay an Instagram influencer to post about a new collection of dresses and tops for women and kids. The brand can then take it a step further by using the influencer’s organic post as a sponsored ad. See the example below for the Old Navy brand . Boost post from an Instagram influencer for the ready-to-wear brand Old Navy This type of content will appear in the news feed of Instagram users whether or not they follow the Instagram account of the influencer who originally published the post.

Advertisers have the option of setting up their own targeting so that Instagram boost posts reach users who could potentially be interested in their brand. When creating your Instagram post boost from branded content, advertisers have the choice between these different goals: Scope of the boost post, or Reach. Ensure that the publication is seen by as many people as possible, the widest possible audience in order to increase your visibility. Brand awareness . Ensure that your Instagram post boost is seen by a qualified audience who may be interested in your brand. Video views . If you boost a video post, this objective increases its visibility by its number of views.

Several possible targeting

Traffic . Objective to set up if you want to direct Instagram users to your website and thus increase its traffic. Commitment . Goal to set if you want Instagram users to engage with your content and brand by liking or commenting on the post. Once your ad is published, you as an advertiser will have access to all of the standard analytics metrics that Instagram offers. The influencer and creator of the original post must identify (tag) the brand in his publication and authorize the business partner (advertiser) to promote it in the parameters. The boost of organic posts on Instagram is ultimately much more framed than on Facebook


since it concerns publications already sponsored between a brand and an influencer. However, this feature allows to significantly increase the visibility of both parties, namely the brand and the influencer. Obviously, the implementation of these new sponsored content also allows the social network to interfere in the partnership between the brand and the instagramer in order to generate a new source of income. Do not hesitate to contact our Instagram Ads agency to set up your publication boosts. With a Traffic objective, you have different bidding options. The default bid is Click on a Link, which means that Facebook will serve your ads to the users who are most likely

Publication rules

to click on your ads. By default, this is a CPM model, even if your target is Click on a link, but you also have the option of changing it and paying at cost per click. However, you cannot set the CPC yourself. This is because Facebook will automatically optimize your bid for the cheapest CPC or CPM, no matter which bidding option you choose. There are also other types of auctions possible: Landing Page View: Facebook will show your ads to the users who are most likely to click on your ads and browse your landing page. Impressions: Facebook will serve your ads to users as much as possible (Note: The frequency is definitely going to be high).

Single Daily Coverage: Facebook will show your ads to users up to once per day (Facebook will try to reach as many people as possible). We do not always recommend using Click on Link. This does not mean that you will be generating more traffic all the time. If you compare your “Click on Link” performance against “Landing Page View” you will get very different data. There are a number of reasons for this – one being that users who click on your ad may not wait for the site to fully load. For this reason, in our opinion, Link Clicks are less valuable than Landing Page Views.

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