Google is not the Algeria WhatsApp Number List search engine for nothing!Google is not the best search engine for conclude, don’t forget that the white spaces are there to highlight what they surround.The concept of White-space is an art that we design have difficulty understanding, and are sometimes resigned to “filling” with “empty things” that must absolutely be “filled”, because they are tired of arguing.Pixel perfectionism (or pixel-perfection) is a term commonly used in the web. The “accepted” definition of this concept is as follows: A site must be displayed identically, and to the nearest pixel, on each of the browsers.

What you should know: Web browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.) each have their own rendering engine. And the latter does not always interpret the codes in the same way, the rendering of a site can therefore vary from one browser to another.By the way, Internet Explorer is by far the least “up to date” and least faithful browser. Integrators often go out of their way to adapt their work to IE. Note that the new DOCTYPE still resolves a lot of concerns).The perfectionism pixel (or pixel-perfection) is a term commonly used in the field of web. The “accepted” definition of this concept is as follows: A site must display identically, and to the nearest pixel, on each of the browsers.

Pixel perfectionism in pictures

We can therefore legitimately say that because of Internet Explorer, adopting and promoting this concept is quite a challenge.Pixel perfectionism is for some impertinent, for others a fad or an ideal of life (yes yes…) . Everyone has their own opinion, and I have mine. With my web agency AntheDesign, we put forward our “Pixel-Perfect” policy with all the same a difference in the definition.The rendering of a site does not depend only on the browser, but also on the operating system. A button or an unstyled form control will appear differently depending on the user’s operating system.


In our case, this consists of offering a “100%” finish, each detail, each small element being worked, stylized and personalized, our objective being to obtain an aesthetic and unique visual. This is a lot of work that a lot of web agencies overlook.It is much easier to impress with a slideshow that takes up half the page, large images, and leave the small contact form by default, than the other way around. In this case, the priority is above all not to waste time on these details to create sites in an “industrial” way to the detriment of exclusivity.The style of the links on hover is another example, when some are content at best with a simple underline by default, the AntheDesign agency guarantees you complete customization.

The importance of white spaces in design

Take care of the background of your pages, depending on the size and resolution of the (smartphone, tablet, PC or connected TV) the background will be partial or full.Take advantage of the native features of touch or mobile devices such as geo-location and video player.Anticipate the different uses and never forget that the mouse cursor no longer rules, the thumb competes with it.Innovate and invent, with ever-increasing resolutions, the adaptive web offers new possibilities, it is a new playground .Fixed-height and fixed-width websites are now a thing of the past, sites must occupy all the display space availa regardless of the terminal used, to adapt to all sizes, Responsive Web Design is the solution of moment !

As proof, web creation tools are also doing it, from DRUPAL V8 with a mobile first approach to the latest version of the WordPress CMS (version 3.8) which offers its default Twenty Fourteen theme in Among our clients, we are often asked if the use of the disavowal tool could be relevant to deal with a decrease in SEO visibility. In most cases, the answer is no.There are very few instances where disallowing links should be an option. In most cases, you will know if you should use the disallowance tool for one of the following reasons:If Google manually penalizes your site for bad linksIf you receive a manual action from Google, you can use the.

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