At Agence 90, we help advertisers Bosnia and Herzegovina Email List and analyze the building blocks of web browsing and the upcoming regulations that will forever change the digital advertising landscape. In the following article, we’ll dive into the growing share of email as we prepare for a cookie-free future. Today, many features in digital marketing are powered by cookies (more specifically, third-party cookies ). We use it to track visitors, improve user experience, create personalized site experiences, and collect data to target our ads to the right audiences. We also use cookies to better understand users when they are not on our own site: it is this part that is set to disappear.

Advertisers need to prepare for attribution, KPIs, insights, segmentation and retargeting to be turned upside down in 2021. Without third-party cookies, advertisers will no longer know which sites a user visits frequently, what purchases they make, or what interests he shows on other sites. As third-party cookies begin to disappear, it’s critical that advertisers focus on their first-party data strategy. With a strong first-party data strategy, collecting information from their contacts – with their consent – will be key to unlocking information about your audience and continuing with personalization. Here are 4 reasons why you need a successful email strategy in a post-cookie world:

Why do third-party cookies disappear

Having an email marketing strategy (first-party data) is now more important than ever. According to Shopify, the value of an email contact has increased from $ 16 in 2019 to $ 33 in 2020 (and we expect this trend to continue through 2021). Email is becoming the Universal Unique Identifier and you should use it as such. This means you need to redouble your efforts to acquire email addresses in order to recognize and reach your customers – and you need to do it in a legal, clean, and efficient manner. The collection and association of first-party data must be linked to this unique identifier.


Most of the Customer Data Platforms (CDP) will be adopted A CDP allows you to integrate the touchpoints of all your channels (site, mobile application, emaling solution, CRM, loyalty programs, Analytics tools, etc.) into a single centralized view of the customer, which allows you get better insight into your customers and personalize their experience based on that insight. CDPs operate on the first-party database where the customer has interacted with your brand (for example, by purchasing or signing up for your newsletter). You are thus able to make decisions based on the known preferences and behavior of your customers, rather than on assumptions or guesses.

Email value increases

Brands will need advanced analytics solutions When brands find it harder to keep up with their users’ interactions, they’ll need to rely on AI-powered technologies to build audiences driven by first-party data. Mix Media Modeling (MMM) takes into account all digital channels, including Display, email, Google Ads , social networks , etc. In fact, as customers are increasingly linked to all channels, Mix Media Modeling solutions have adapted to go even further in their analyzes. The goal is to make better budgetary choices and to offer efficient customer segmentation reports. Understand the importance of a first-party strategy First and foremost, it’s important to understand why first-party data is so valuable.

Among the many benefits of first-party data, the most important are: The ability to collect the precise data you want in the format that best suits your needs. Greater precision. Since you collect the data directly from the source, there is no risk of it being corrupted. The ability to process and review data in real time. These advantages and the fact that the data is unique and that no one else has it can make first-party data a real competitive advantage for your brand. That said, to reap the benefits of first-party data and make it a competitive advantage for your business, you need to harness that data in the right way.

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