Even though countless entrepreneurs are falling down today, Liu Kuang still firmly believes that Internet + is the biggest gift to traditional industries in the information age. Brazil Phone Number Although the capital boom is receding, these cannot stop the pace of Internet upgrading of traditional industries. Every traditional industry will eventually give birth to great Internet + enterprises, which is inevitable for the development of human science and technology. The winners are kings and the losers are the losers. Entrepreneurs who only blame others, Brazil Phone Number blame the industry. And do not reflect on themselves will always be losers. Today’s China, as a world sports power, is facing the arrival of the Internet. Five well-known sports listed companies with first-class domestic. And international influence have continuously enriched the supply of sports products and services.”

Every Traditional Industry Will Brazil Phone Number

How to achieve a comprehensive upgrade of the sports culture industry with the help of the Internet has also become a topic of concern for many Chinese and entrepreneurs. The “Implementation Opinions of Beijing Municipality on Accelerating the Development of the Sports Industry and Brazil Phone Number  Promoting Sports Consumption” just released a few months ago made the following description: “By 2025, the total scale of the sports industry will exceed 300 billion yuan, and the added value will be about 50 billion yuan; The proportion of the added value of the sports service industry will reach Brazil Phone Number more than 70% of the added value of the sports industry; the population who often participates in physical exercise will reach more than 50%.

Industry and Promoting Sports Brazil Phone Number

Brazil Phone Number
Brazil Phone Number

Judging from the opinions on accelerating the development of sports in Beijing. The market prospects for sports in the future are huge. And the total scale of the national sports industry will reach 800 billion US dollars by 2025! Then, Brazil Phone Number under the influence of the Internet + era. In what aspects will the sports culture industry achieve upgrading and transformation? What are the difficulties in moving sports products towards intelligence? such as Wilson’s intelligent basketball, Brazil Phone Number Jinling’s intelligent basketball stand, Li Ning’s intelligent badminton racket, Gudong bracelet, etc. However, judging from the current performance of the entire market, smart sports products have not become popular.


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