It’s common to see companies offering you white papers for free download. We even offer you free resources on Inbound Marketing . But maybe you’ve ever South Africa Phone Number List what a white paper is and what is its relevance to you? On the other hand, it may seem strange to see a company offering a multi-page book, which certainly took some time to write, for free.

To help you see more clearly about this practice, which has been booming in recent years, today let’s see the interest that a white paper has for the reader, for the company, as well as its challenges in content marketing . The Inbound Marketer must have a versatile profile and be a clever mix of web writer, community manager and communication manager to supervise and optimize the different facets of this marketing strategy. It is by combining listening with action that he will be able to offer the best solutions to his clients’ problems. Do you have all of these qualities? So why not consider a career at Markentive? Our team is expanding rapidly and is always on the lookout for the best talent.

The definition of the white paper

Sometimes called a “guide” or even an “ebook,” a white paper is a compendium of relevant information about a market, product, strategy or technology . It generally responds to a problem that allows the writing company to demonstrate its expertise and its ability to resolve a question.

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Read: distribute your content at the right time. It is usually aimed at prospects and should show them why they should contact you and not another company. Subtly, the white paper should encourage your visitors to take an interest in your services and to contact you. The Inbound Marketing objectives of the white paper
This tool is particularly effective for demonstrating your expertise in the services and products you offer. It is a showcase of your know-how and helps you manage your brand image.

It does not generally have a direct sales goal, each download of the guide will not earn you money immediately, however it does initiate initial contact with a qualified prospect. The white paper must respond to a specific problem in an objective and more or less detailed manner. Potential customers must find avenues for reflection on the solutions to be provided through advice, case studies and external references. Nevertheless, you have to say a lot, without saying too much! That’s all the subtlety. The reader must have fully understood the challenges of a precise response to his problem, have an overview of the methods to be implemented, but he must also invite him to contact the company for more details.

Good writing practices

Before you start writing a white paper, it is essential to define your target audience and their needs. Use your experience to draw inspiration from issues you have already solved for other clients. See how to turn them around in a relevant guide, which would add value to readers and inspire people with the same questions to contact you.

You can also use the blog posts that have generated the most interest and comments for inspiration, to see what your customers want from you. However, the white paper should not be a copy / paste of blog posts, it should provide additional elements. As with any writing, your introduction should grab the reader’s attention and encourage them to read on. The conclusion summarizes the answers to the problem and invites the person to call on your services. However, if you need to occasionally mention your business during writing, be careful not to get too promotional. Remember, the white paper is an Inbound Marketing tool that is all about getting the customer to come to you by providing relevant information.

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