Every road that comes up has a reason why it has to travel that way. Every road to go has a direction that it has to choose. Morning News Picks [Practical skills | How to guide users to agree to app push notifications] If users use “wait and see”, they will return to the app more frequently to view information Greece Phone Number related to the current situation, or try other functions during the waiting period. In this way, users can fully understand the value of this function when they use the app for the first time. And complete the push notification settings correctly. Morning Post Content 1. [The beginning and end of the 360 ​​Coolpad relationship: seeking peace or a finale] After Jia Yueting and Greece Phone Numbers LeTV suddenly invested in Coolpad. Disrupting the cooperation between 360 and Coolpad.

Complete the Push Greece Phone Number Notification

It is understood that, The three bosses also enjoyed drinking and chatting, but yesterday, the fight against Buddha Zhou Hongyi in the Internet world finally Greece Phone Number turned his face. 360 forced Gongkupai to double buy back its Qiku shares, which caused an uproar in the industry. 2. [Microsoft officially announced the acquisition of cloud security company Adallom for $250 million] According to the technology blog TechCrunch, Microsoft announced on Tuesday morning that it has acquired Israeli cloud security company Adallom. Greece Phone Number Microsoft paid $250 million for Adallom, people familiar with the matter said. 3. [Google will start testing fresh food delivery services to compete with Amazon this year] Starting later this year, Google will test fresh food

Google Will Test Fresh Greece Phone Number

Greece Phone Number
Greece Phone Number

[Alibaba’s stock price fell for 10 consecutive months, and was overtaken by Tencent for the first time] Bloomberg News, after the stock market closed on Tuesday, US time, Ali’s market value was 153 billion US dollars, lower than Tencent’s 156.9 billion US dollars. This is also the first time Alibaba’s market value since its listing. lower than Tencent. Alibaba ceded the throne of Asia’s largest Internet company to Tencent. The result of a 10-month losing streak in its share price and a loss of $140.7 billion in market value. 5. Greece Phone Number will repurchase shares: or $1 billion] On the evening of September 8,  announced that the company’s board of directors has approved a stock repurchase plan.

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