In just 10 years, we have gone from having 92 million websites on the Internet to over 1 billion. The Internet is no longer just a place to find information or where to find leisure and entertainment, nor is it just a work tool, the Internet is money and social change. And its growth is brutal, every year the retail sales made through the Internet increase by billions, plus the sales in physical stores that have been forged by seeing the products or services on the Internet and convincing people to go and buy them! Users consult online before buying With more than 1,000 million web pages and all kinds of web applications , how are your potential customers, your target, your business going to find?

Whether it is a totally online business, or totally offline, your potential clients must find you and they have a lot to look for! And they are not going Czech republic whatsapp number list search exhaustively until they find you, they are going to stay on the first or second page of the results that Google throws up. And how many potential online customers are we talking about? Worldwide there are around 3.3 billion people who regularly use the Internet, 40% of the world’s population.

Websites On The Internet

Ok, not all of them are your potential clients, it all depends on what audience you are targeting, what and how you offer it, etc., but it is a figure to take into account when making the wise decision of having a website . professional and well positioned. In Spain alone, 83% use the Internet regularly, that is, of the 46 million Spaniards, 38 million use the Internet frequently to find information, to communicate with friends, to play games, to find work, to seek training, to decide on one product or service or another, etc.


We leave you an infographic of the study that OnBlastBlog has carried out on the use of the. Internet in the world: World users on the. Internet If you still resist believing in the importance and power of having an adequate presence on the Internet. we give you more information. On Facebook, there are more than 1.55 million active users. Google performs almost 3,000,000,000 searches a day! And it is the most important website in the world. Followed by Facebook and YouTube. In 2015, 64% of the sales of stores around the world were influenced by their presence on the Internet.

Every Year The Retail Sales Made Through

– In 2015, more than 1 billion dollars were sold in online sales made with the mobile. There are 123.78 million registered .com domain names.  40% of Internet users have bought online at some time, and this is 1,000,000,000 people. There are already more users who consult what to buy through their mobile than from their desktop PC. Specifically, 52.7% connect to the Internet from their mobile. Internet use on mobile And how do we make our website stand out among so many people. So many devices and so much online competition ?

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