With the launch Finland WhatsApp Number List moments in 2019, Google started showing video clips with time markers and titles within its search engine while showing key moments automatically from YouTube videos. The launch of new types of structured data gives you the ability to define these key moments yourself in your YouTube videos or hosted on your site.With these two changes, videos will play a vital role in ranking competitive terms whether you host those videos on YouTube or on your site.The most profitable long-term strategies are primarily focused on the customer and his satisfaction. If you’re looking for an example to illustrate this principle, look no further than Amazon .

The same principle applies to SEO. Search engines love it when you take care of visitors, so user experience became a SEO positioning factor in the eyes of Google in the summer of 2021. Indeed, it is through its Page Experience update rolled out between June and August 2021 that Google introduced these metrics as part of what the Californian company calls Core Web Vitals Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) which is the page load speed and the time after which key elements become visible to your visitors.First Input Delay (FID) which corresponds to the time required for your page to become interactive for the user. When can your visitors interact with your page?

These Core Web Vitals criteria are based on 3 pillars

Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) which corresponds to the visual stability of the elements that make up your web page. Sometimes it happens that you click on an item while the page is loading and suddenly your click is on another item that has appeared in the meantime. Quite annoying …Here are our general recommendations to give your visitors the best possible browsing experience:Start by minimizing the number of ads on your site, especially the irrelevant ones that don’t interest your user base.


Avoid interstitial pages and pop-up windows that appear automatically and hinder your visitor’s navigation on desktop and especially on mobile.Optimize your loading speed as much as possible, you don’t want visitors to wait 10 minutes before seeing your content.Make sure that all written content you have on the site is error-free and useful to its reader.Make sure your site has white space to let the user breathe when they browse and view multiple pieces of information.Make sure your site is designed for smartphones. These days, most of the traffic you will get will come from a mobile device.
Note : Google announced in 2016 that intrusive pop-ups and interstitial pages on a website could result in a penalty if the user experience is impeded.

Make sure that the user interface you design is user-friendly

Example of a pop-up not to be displayed on your site, completely blocking the visibility of the page on mobile.Example of a pop-up authorized by Google, which does not negatively impact the visitor’s experience.While most of the changes came from announcements made in 2020, they show a growing focus on AI-driven results that mix pages, videos, and other media.UX matters more than ever, and only SEO consultants who can look beyond the technical performance of their sites will be able to make a real difference in SERPs.

These trends for 2022 are added to a list of trends to keep in mind to make your SEO strategy a hit!Although the impact of AI in the digital world is now evident, we cannot underestimate how this influence will grow even further. The results of smart web search, as well as any ads you get, are based on your past experiences. This development plays an extremely important role in digital marketing strategies today.Your internet usage as smart results play a major role in determining your click-through rate. Today, you need to understand how artificial intelligence works in order to properly maximize your SEO.

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