In 2020. the pandemic postponed them to 2021. although to avoid legal problems they kept the name. However. local sponsors and the hotel sector fell. It was expected that in 2021 there would be no more difficulties with the covid. but this has not been the case. The disease does not give ground and cases increase Neymar because he did not cooperate in an investigation related to an allegation of sexual assault against a marketing employee of the brand. This was confirmed by the brand in a statement sent to AFP. The alleged incident would have occurred in 2016 and.

Nike learned of it in 2018. According to the WSJ article. Nike investigated the incident. tried to get Neymar to cooperate. but never did. The Mexico Phone Number investigation. meanwhile. was inconclusive regarding the footballer’s participation. In any case. the relationship was already broken between the brand and the player. From Neymar’s environment they told the American media that there was no such sexual assault and that he left Nike “for commercial reasons”. neymar Investigation: Nike vs.Neymar.

We Are Beginning To See The

Nike says that it did not make a formal presentation in court because to do so it had to provide conclusive facts. something that it did not achieve. in part. due to the null collaboration of Neymar. “Nike terminated its relationship with the athlete because he refused to cooperate in a good faith investigation of credible allegations of wrongdoing by an employee.” Nike told the WSJ. According to Nike. the employee told the company about the allegations in 2018. but initially wanted to keep it from going public and keep everything confidential.

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Only a year later did she decide to move forward. for which she commissioned an independent investigation. The name of the alleged victim is not known. Nike says she will continue to keep the employee’s name confidential. even though she said she worked in marketing for the company. In the world of sports. NFTs are entering little by little and have already achieved an interesting market. The token values ​​move based on the results. For example. the Atlético de Madrid token (ATM) was quoted at 58 dollars after the consecration of the team led by Diego Simeone in the Spanish League this Saturday. May 22. A few hours before. each token was worth 25. At the time of the breach of the contract between the parties. in 2020.

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The 29-year-old striker announced after a few weeks a new agreement with Puma. Based on eyewitness accounts and other documents. the WSJ reconstructed that the employee told her friends and colleagues that Neymar tried to force her to perform oral sex in 2016 while she was in her hotel room in New York. Blockchain technology ensures traceability and transparency at the origin of the token (the work of art). making information about previous sellers and prices available to everyone. That. in turn. manages to minimize the possibilities of fraud.

where she worked in coordination. and the logistics of a promotional event. French Real Madrid legend Zinedine Zidane leaves the merengue. Team in his second spell as coach of the most winning club in Spain. According to the Spanish sports newspapers. the decision is final. Zidane would have already communicated this Wednesday. May 26. the news to the players. the leaders and the rest of the coaching staff. The resignation is final and there is no possibility of a change. according to the same media : AS. Marca and Mundo Deportivo. “It will not continue.” they confirm.

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