On the one hand, financing is constantly making headlines. The takeaway O2O platform Life Radius has Oman Phone Number received 300 million yuan in Series C financing, and Linqu, which focuses on crowdsourcing delivery. Announced that it has completed 10 million U.S. dollars in Series B financing. Round of financing of $630 million… On the one hand, there are constant voices about O2O entrepreneurship: “99% of O2O startups will die”, “What can you do to save your takeaway O2O bubble is Oman Phone Number blowing bigger and bigger”… These information are fighting in our minds. And we can’t help but ask a series of questions: What exactly is takeaway O2O? Is there any value in takeaway O2O? What are the difficulties of takeaway O2O?

There Are Constant Voices About Oman Phone Number

If I start a business, should I/can I do takeaway O2O? Q1: What exactly is takeaway O2O? It’s just part of e-commerce. Inference: So takeaway O2O must follow the basic logic Oman Phone Number of e-commerce development. What is e-commerce? Although, it is based on the Internet as a means of commodity transactions, including information channels, payment channels and logistics channels. As shown below: Analysis of the essential elements of e-commerce.jpg The combination of these key modules forms the three Oman Phone Number types of e-commerce currently on the market: E-commerce mode one: E-commerce that only provides information channels is represented by the earliest Alibaba.

These Information Are Fighting Oman Phone Number

Oman Phone Number
Oman Phone Number

This history may not be clear to everyone. But doing e-commerce at that time was really “you just know that someone is Oman Phone Numbers selling it”. Although you can see the picture and text introduction. But you can’t do it if you want to buy directly online . If you want to know the specific shopping scene, you can go to Zhihu “What was the experience of Oman Phone Number trading on Taobao ten years ago?” ” It’s interesting to look inside. In fact, there are still a lot of them earlier than Alibaba, but Alibaba is more famous than the Chinese Yellow Pages, which first started to get involved in e-commerce. This Article Explains the Takeaway

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