A certain area is in short supply and temporarily increased. The price to increase the supply of driver services to meet the demand. Many citizens found that the systems of many taxi software began to Guatemala Phone Number change their faces. And they had to increase the price to issue orders. After that, during the peak period of taxi rides, Didi, Uber and many other software all “jumped the price”. In the eyes of Uber Didi, this is a dynamic price adjustment. The day before yesterday also coincided with Beijing’s implementation Guatemala Phone Number of odd. And even numbers, and also on Valentine’s Day. The price of the special car’s dynamic price adjustment mechanism started to touch the public’s nerves. During peak hours, the dynamic fare increase for taxis in prosperous business districts even exceeds 100 yuan.

The Dynamic Fare Increase Guatemala Phone Number

At this stage, the subsidy war makes high-end services and lower prices exist at the same time, which will inevitably impact the interests of taxis. However, after completing the mission, the special Guatemala Phone Number car will eventually return to the market standard and move towards the customization of the high-end market. Personalization and personalization to delight consumers with service. It is also an inevitable trend for subsidies to decrease or disappear. This also leads to the end of the good days when many Guatemala Phone Number private car drivers earn 20,000 to 30,000 yuan a month. Then this When it is time to drive drivers on the road, a new round of dynamic price adjustment mechanism begins to surface. The dynamic pricing mechanism also originated from Uber.

This Also Leads to the End Guatemala Phone Number

Guatemala Phone Number
Guatemala Phone Number

As early as the beginning of August, after a heavy rain in Beijing. Which effectively drove the drivers on the road. The volume has increased by 70% to 80%, while the number of unfulfilled ride-hailing Guatemala Phone Number requests has decreased by two-thirds. According to Kalanick, the founder of Uber, people want to enjoy absolutely reliable service at a fixed price at any time. But this is impossible because it does not conform to the Guatemala Phone Number  principles of economics. However, Uber is unwilling that such price fluctuations will greatly affect users’ consideration for the cost of taxis. Therefore, Uber has launched the SurgeDrop function.This Article Introduces the Current

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