The phrase, widely celebrated in the tech world, was said by Jobs to John Sculley, then president of PepsiCo’s Pepsi-Cola division. Jobs wanted himself to be the president Netherlands phone number of Apple and to run the company himself. Although he often behaves arrogantly, he still has self-knowledge. After all, he was only 28 years old at the time, and he felt that he was not capable of managing such a large company. He later learned from the headhunter that Sculley might be Netherlands phone number exactly what he was looking for. Sculley is also a legend, and he’s actually best known for his “Pepsi Challenge” ad campaign.

The Headhunter That Netherlands phone number Sculley

In order to win market share from Coca-Cola, he made a series of advertisements, and he found  some testers to participate in the test. The tester had a bottle of Pepsi and a bottle of deliciousness, but there was no label. The tester could not tell which Coke was drinking, and then they needed to judge which bottle was better. Most testers thought Pepsi was better. The campaign was a huge success, and Pepsi’s market share increased significantly. The two Netherlands phone number of them could eat and chat until nearly midnight. After they went home, they were still excited about the conversation last night until the next day.

The tester could not tell Netherlands phone number

Netherlands phone number
Netherlands phone number

As we all know, Apple has a strict confidentiality system. Products under development will not be easily disclosed to people outside the company. The original iPhone was Netherlands phone numbers kept secret from people outside the iPhone team. But in pursuit of Sculley, he took Sculley to the room where the Mac prototype was placed and said, “This product is Netherlands phone number more important to me than anything I’ve ever done. I hope you Be the first outside of Apple to see it.” Then showed Sculley his work with his astonishing speaking skills.

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