For the postponement of the European Championship. Uefa had to approve the measures in its Executive Committee and later request permission from FIFA. which has the power over the international calendar. There were also meetings with the different leagues of the countries. The determination is important from a sporting point of view. but it will also have serious economic consequences. Suffice it to mention that the last European Championship. played in France in 2016. generated revenues of some US$2.2 billion. Gross receipts from the 2018/19 UEFA Champions League.

UEFA Europa League and UEFA Super Cup were also estimated at around US$3.57 billion. According to El País . of the gross estimate. slightly more than US$ 600 million were set aside to cover organizational Cyprus Phone Number expenses and for European football. and the rest was distributed among the participating clubs. so the absence of the tournament will hit the finances of the European institutions. The Tokyo Olympics and the coronavirus It remains to be seen now what the International Olympic Committee (IOC) will do with the Tokyo Games. something that seems increasingly unlikely that they can be played next August.

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When it comes to soccer. most Western leagues are suspended or canceled due to the coronavirus. at the same time that the borders of the countries were closed. International club tournaments. such as the Champions League . the Europa League and the Copa Libertadores de América. were also cancelled. The list of sporting events that are suspended or canceled is getting longer and longer. The reason is none other than the coronavirus pandemic that affects most of the world. but has a large focus of spread in Europe. This is why UEFA announced this Friday that it is suspending everything scheduled for next week.

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In this way matches of the two most important competitions of the Old. The matches between Manchester City and Real Madrid. Barcelona-Naples. 18 and 19. All for the Champions. For the Europa League . meanwhile. In an official statement . UEFA explains that the decision is based on “the evolution of the spread of Covid-19 (coronavirus) in. will not take place in 2020. This is one of the most recent referrals related to the advance of the coronavirus pandemic. which continues to generate health complications. but also financial and economic ones. something unimaginable until a few weeks ago. The most relevant national team tournament in

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The latest WHO situation report on the coronavirus. How the coronavirus affects the different leagues For now. until the morning of March 13. this is the situation in the various leagues. Among those suspended is “La Liga” from Spain . which said it will postpone two dates in all its competitions. In fact. Real Madrid is in quarantine due to the confirmation of a case of a player from the basketball team. The seriousness of the coronavirus in that country made it the first competition to suspend activities before the spread would return on.

April 3. Both Juventus and Sampdoria have players with the virus. In Colombia . the BetPlay League will not play on date 9 this weekend. The following days will be behind closed doors until May 30. I would return on March 31. There will also be no soccer in the US MLS for 30 days. The Concacaf Champions League. the most important club tournament in Central and North America . But without an audience. are the Bundesliga (Germany). Primeira Liga (Portugal). Turkish Super League. Jupiler Pro League (Belgium).

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